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Duties of an Appointment Setter

How an appointment setter functions?

An appointment setter is someone who contacts potential customers and arrange sales calls. Companies, both small and large hire appointment setters not to necessary sell a service or product but to generate the interest of potential customers and it is then followed up by the sales professional.

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There are many appointment setters that companies can hire when they need someone who will contact a list of potential leads. An appointment setter is usually employed by a telemarketing company but in some cases, they can be working freelance or independently. Depending on your budget, you will be able to make the right decision in hiring an appointment setter.

It is ideal to hire appointment setters that are employed by telemarketing companies specifically the most reputable ones. These companies usually have well-trained and experienced appointment setters making it possible for them to contact those customers who are interested in dealing business with the company they represent with. Also, their service fees are very affordable and so even small companies can hire their services without going beyond their budget.

Typically, appointment setters will make approximately a hundred calls or emails per day and they are responsible for keeping the records of potential clients and of their productivity. They are quota driven and aim to reach their quota on a daily basis to meet the expectations of the company that hire their services. It is their employers who will give them with the list of potential clients they should be contacting.

Appointment setters can set up an appointment for an in-house demonstration, over the phone consultation or private meeting at the office or home of the interested party. They are commonly employed in the sales industry and are expected to determine the level of interest of a person, ability to contract as well as need. Based on the filters, appointment setters are able to put the interested person in contact with the sales associate who can provide him with more details or assist him in placing an order.

Hiring an appointment setter from a telemarketing company that offers appointment setting service can bring about genuine benefits to companies especially if the telemarketing company they hire is known to have good reputation.