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Frequently Asked Questions – Telemarking Services

Can I hire an Appointment Setter part time?
In order to attract top talented Appointment Setters, we offer 40 hour work week. Occasionally, we are able to partner our clients to create a full time schedule. Please note, only $21 per hour plan is available for part time agents.

What is the cost for Sales Lead Generation?
Please visit Pricing.

Where does Idea2Result Appointment Setter’s responsibility stop?
This is entirely based on your preference. On one end of the spectrum you may only wish for us to make the initial call and try to set up an appointment on that first try. On the other end we are fully capable to collect documents and pursue a relationship with your prospect or client through our proprietary follow up methods. All of our Appointment Setters are experienced with CRM, Microsoft Office, and Google Documents. All of our Appointment Setters are also capable of managing every single step of the sales cycle, and have multiple years of proven experience.

Can you guarantee results?
The formula for success depends on a variety of different factors. Our focus is to provide you with TOP SALES TALENT and PROVEN PROPRIETORY METHODOLOGY. The rest depends on your business plan: product or service concept, value proposition, outside promotion methods, pricing, perceived need for your service or product within your target market, and other variables and considerations specific to your business. Remember, obtaining positive results is a fully shared responsibility between Idea2Result and you.

How do Appointment Setters make calls and what appears on prospect Called ID?
We use Skype, Magic Jack or other Voice over IP “VoIP” technology. For long term campaigns, we can purchase a phone number with a local area code to be utilized for voice mail.

How would I know if an Appointment Setter is actually working on my business sales campaign?
We implement various hour tracking and result monitoring systems depending on the type of campaign that you choose. These monitoring systems allow for you to check the progress of your Appointment Setter in real time, and all you need is a computer with an internet connection.

How does the Appointment Setter know my schedule to set appointments?
We use web based CRM systems (such as SugarCRM or vTiger), Google Calendar, and other web based calendar systems. However, in some instances, based on your preference, it may be a simple email to the Appointment Setter with your availability for the upcoming week.

What if I am not completely satisfied with my Appointment setting sales campaign?
In a scenario where you are not 100% satisfied with the progress and end result of the appointment setting campaign, you can: (i) discuss and try to develop improvement areas with your current Appointment Setter; (ii) replace the Appointment Setter for another individual; or (iii) receive a full refund of the unused prepayment.

How can I2R Agents set appointments in an industry that we are not familiar with?
Based on our extensive industry experience and expertise, we find that appointment setting skills are closely comparable and easily transferable across various industries and sectors. However, product knowledge is an important consideration, and will become instrumental in developing a successful campaign. We will make every effort to find an Appointment setter with prior proven experience in your industry / sector.

What is my involvement in this campaign after I sign up?
Building a relationship with your Appointment Setter is absolutely crucial to a successful and sustainable long-term appointment setting campaign. Your hands on involvement should focus on coaching, training and mentoring of your Appointment setter. Please read our article on “Effective Guidelines for Successful Appointment Setting for a better understanding and appreciation of your involvement.

I am concerned how Appointment Setter will represent my Business during the Campaign.
We fully understand where you are coming from, we all have received unwanted, unsolicited calls in the middle of the work day. I2R Appointment Setting campaign service has absolutely nothing in common with what is frequently referred to as “sales telemarketing”. I2R Appointment Setters will ensure full understanding and grasp of your product or service. I2R Appointment Setters will research your industry until they are able to discuss it in a professional and knowledgeable manner with your potential prospects. We will pursue your prospects after the first call through an email, fax, and/or follow up call in a highly professional and courteous manner. Remember, I2R industry niche is focused purely on providing outsourced staffing for Appointment Setters and Telemarketers for Inside Sales, Telemarketing & Lead Generation.

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