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Chicago based, B2B appointment setting staffing company offers experienced (3-8 years), educated (Bachelor’s degree or higher) Appointment Setters for your telemarketing campaign.

Our B2B Database includes 18 Million US & 1.4 Million Canadian Businesses.

Appointment Setting Services
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Appointment Setting Opening

“Hi, my name is Adam; I am a Business Manager with Idea2Result. I have reviewed [your] website and would like to discuss how our appointment setting services have generated prospects in [your] industry. Do mornings or afternoons work better with your schedule for a quick 10 minutes conversation with our Founder?”

Appointment Setting Rebuttal #1

Prospect: “I am not interested, we are happy with our current provider.” Rebuttal: “Great! That is exactly what we heard from our most valuable clients before they switched, our 10 minute conversation will highlight our history of delivering results in [your industry] for WHEN you decide to consider other providers, how does this coming Tuesday at 2:00 PM sound?”

Appointment Setting Rebuttal #2

Prospect: “There is no way you can do better than our current provider, what is your cost?” Rebuttal: “Very good question! I am glad that you asked about cost and I will make sure that my manager will start the face to face conversation by addressing cost and the cost comparison to your existing provider, how does this coming Tuesday at 2:00 PM sound?”


Meet Our Available Agents

Select a name of the Appointment Setter to learn more. We are adding new agents daily. Pricing from $15 per hour.
Name Degree Introduction
Iris Bachelor Iris
Patti Bachelor Patti
Kris Bachelor Kris
Lanie Bachelor Lanie
Meg Bachelor Meg
Adrian Bachelor Adrian

Client Reviews:

We worked with Idea2Result last month, an within just three weeks, set about 20 appointments.
When I go into appointments my prospects are ready for me and my close rate has increased! I love having a dedicated rep who knows me, my product, and my business! Best service on the market!
I would put our company’s exposure with appointment setting services” provided by Idea2Result on the level with CNN coverage we received a few years ago. They made 75 plus calls per day and contacted thousands….
I am pleased to comment that my initial program with Idea2Results has elicited a 1000% ROI. Given that we have a subscription service with a 70% renewal rate, the ROI is actually substantially greater
Town Hall Guide., USA
…we searched appointment setting services” and found Adam and his team. We could not be happier with the service, assistance and results we are getting from working with Adam. Thanks!, Canada
I would like to drop an update after 7 month of utilizing Idea2Result services. Team has delivered as promised, quality appointment setting services” accompanied by superb customer services.
We are all quite impressed with the level of professionalism the team is demonstrating on ongoing basis, and look forward to years of continued engagement success.
Working with Idea2Result has been an incredible resource for our franchise.
They have provided a marked increase in our customer base, and are very good at initiating contact with new clients
…Idea2Result Team has been instrumental in helping us through the life cycle of our business.

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