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Virtual Telemarketing Services & Appointment Setting – Why Choose I2R

Why is Idea2Result the best choice for my appointment setting tasks?

Choosing Idea2Result for your appointment setting campaign gives you a wide variety of flexible and practical options that can be tailored to your specific goals and objectives to create your virtual telemarketing services, Call Center:

Choice of Agent

✓ You may have a preference for a particular type of an agent who is deeply knowledgeable and experienced with your appointment setting effort providing you the benefit of a faster turnaround time and desired results.
✓ You may have worked with some of our agents in the past and witnessed firsthand how our agents were able to quickly establish a positive working relationship with you and your prospects. Most importantly, our agents have a proven track record of superb performance and managing to exceed your already high expectations. You certainly would want to have a continuity that raises your confidence to an even higher level.

Agent Relations

✓ We encourage and promote your direct engagement with our agents. They are a shared resource. Building a relationship with our Agents provides a personalized and deeper understanding of your business. We fully acknowledge the fact that our clients are our best mentors and coaches.
✓ Bonus Terms
o We recognize the importance of long-term engagements with our valued clients, and it is one of the basis by which we provide windfall arrangements and favorable terms designed to custom fit your appointment setting requirements.

Value for Money

✓ Due to the flexible nature and lean structure of our operations, we can provide exceptional quality work and desirable results at an affordable rate. We can adapt seamlessly to your ever changing appointment setting requirements and be able to fine-tune our rates accordingly.

I2R Participation

✓ Your business growth goals and objectives is our number one priority and we stand fully committed to your success. It is for this reason that I2R participates in all stages of your appointment setting efforts: conceptualization, planning, execution, real time monitoring and final results evaluation. Keep in mind that we are with you from start to finish.
✓ We operate in a fully virtual environment thus giving you valuable feedback and immediate response to any difficult situation or obstacle
✓ Depending on your goals and objectives, we can be extremely flexible on the number of agents you would like to work with at any given time.

Managing Expectations

Let’s be honest, all of us have areas of strengths and areas in need of some necessary improvement. While we emphasize the advantages and benefits of working with us for your appointment setting efforts, we do have some challenges to manage.

✓ Each of our individual agents is fully responsible and capable to work independently on their own Information Technology systems which eliminates the need for IT department in our company. This can serve as a significant benefit to some clients, but may be an impediment for others. We promote healthy internal competition as a means of raising the bar of performance, and encouraging superior quality output by our agents. This concept should work to your advantage in more ways than one.
✓ We do not have a common hub and server. We do not intend to keep or store any client information because we believe and respect your rights to confidentiality and absolute ownership. Your proprietary ideas, client lists, products, or services are always safe and protected with Idea2Result.

Do you have appointment setting requirements that entail specialized and tailored arrangements? We possess a wide range of options and flexibility to match your ever evolving goals and objectives. Idea2Result is simply the best choice for your professional appointment setting efforts with a proven track record of delivering excellent results with 100% client satisfaction.