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Virtual Global Team Building For Telemarketing & Lead Generation

Encouraging team development, emotional engagement and social interaction provides a healthy and sound workplace environment for the otherwise isolated appointment setter.

Face-to-face team building activities or meetings for the virtual global teams particularly for appointment setter is not workable since most if not all appointment setters are geographically spread out throughout the world. It is not cost effective and the opportunity to have one is extremely rare.

Due to the varying work locations and workplace requirements, WAH (work-at-home) appointment setters often work alone in seclusion and perhaps (depending on the time zone) at a time when family members are probably asleep. It is not only a physical challenge to adjust to this time zone difference but equally more important is addressing the social need of the appointment setter for interaction with other “colleagues” just like in a real workplace.

We need to take a look at why it is necessary to have team building activities and create ideas on how it can be done.

The importance of virtual global team building activities

1. Provides opportunities for appointment setters to share insights and ideas that can be used to highlight key areas for the organization to strengthen, make improvements on or present unseen opportunities that they may encounter.
2. Fosters an environment of friendship that creates a bond where common experiences are shared and understood by all.
3. Creates a fun work culture. It can help alleviate the stresses of the job and allows the appointment setters an outlet. It breaks the routine of repetitious tasks, gives life and allows a “virtual” face-to-face workplace with colleagues.
4. Promotes social interaction and engagement with other appointment setters that greatly minimizes the feeling of isolation.

How do we create team building activities for the lead generation virtual global teams?

We are limited only by our own creativity and the possibilities are endless if we stretch our imagination. Let’s explore some ideas:

1. Let the appointment setters participate in a 3D virtual team building game. Of course, you need to set the time when this is permissible, the limitations and the rules. There are several games available in the internet or perhaps you can create one that’s customized for your team.
2. If someone in the team is celebrating an occasion – a birthday, anniversary, etc… – celebrate together! Ask everyone in the team to send a card, gift, cake, greeting, electronically that is.
3. Promote social interaction among the appointment setters outside of the routine work hours. Similar to going out for a coffee break, or even a night out, they can do this virtually!

Being sensitive and addressing his needs increases productivity and contributes to achieving great results for your lead generation and telemarketing campaigns.