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Tips for Effective Appointment Setting Over the Phone

Tips for Effective Appointment Setting Over the Phone

Appointment setting is often perceived as a challenging task. But doing this over the phone is increasingly difficult. While handling the pressure of placing calls and capturing the attention of prospective clients, appointment setters are also expected to set quality appointments.

In this article, we’ll give you some important pointers that you could easily apply on your daily tasks. Here are a few simple, yet effective tips that you should remember before you pick up the phone.

Direct to the point

Business people are busy people. If your call is accepted by the client, make sure to use this time to deliver the message. Go straight to the point and start the conversation with a strong opening statement.

Know your script by heart

Develop a script and refine it until you come up with a strong and effective one. However, instead of merely memorizing these lines, make sure that you know your script by heart. As you utter the words, clients would feel the sincerity in your voice; thus, increasing the chance of getting the client’s trust.

Positive outlook

Having to deal with a lot of clients, it is important to have a positive outlook in order to yield satisfactory results. You may find it hard to get the attention and trust of your clients at first. But, negativity may not help either. So, before you pick up the phone, take a deep breath and don’t forget to smile. You can do this!


Some people are so focused on their script and selling their products, they sometimes fail to listen. Listen to what your client has to say and focus on that. If they ask certain questions, then this must be a good sign.

Be flexible

If the client decides to refuse the appointment, give him/her a chance to think it over. Mind you, these people may be dealing with a lot of things at the moment. Instead of convincing the client to schedule an appointment with your company this month, you should also consider asking, “When is a good time?”

As you learn to master the art of appointment setting, try to incorporate these tips one by one. Soon, you’ll be able to handle these calls with ease and eventually reap the rewards of setting high quality appointments even over the phone. Things may be difficult, but you’ll have to learn to adjust and harness your skills in order to succeed.