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The team at I2R does a great job. I was skeptical at first because I have never used an appointment setting service, but our campaign is going so strong, we’re adding another one.

After listening to Adam’s presentation at our annual Showhomes conference, we became interested in developing a relationship between Idea2Result and my office. We thought this approach to revitalizing our franchise was an in expensive and effective way to help the office reach its goals. The small pre-paid fee was worth the risk of finding out if it was possible to get results. We knew after our first day, the right decision was made. A deal was closed the first day of dialing. As my confidence in Idea2Result agents grew, I agreed to manage all agents being used by our franchisees. From a sceptic to a believer, we recommend any entrepreneur looking for an inexpensive and dynamic way to get results…. don’t think…. just do it! Try it once and you will see Idea2Result become a part of the way you run your business. I continue to be impressed by Idea2Result’s agents!

Jeff SmithAmerica's Largest Home Staging Company!Showhomes-Orlando

I had no Idea there were so many up-to-date ways of pursuing telemarketing. Adam instilled in our company technological ways to improve the efficiency of our service and overall efficiency in our company. I would recommend their service to anyone.

I am pleased to comment that my initial program with Idea2Results has elicited a 1000% ROI. As a matter of fact, given that we have a subscription service with a 70% renewal rate, the ROI is actually substantially greater. We are extremely impressed with not only the professionalism of the telemarketers found here but with the overall business model at I2R; which is what drew us to this service in the first place. Adam has truly created a unique service that fills a long standing market need.

Town Hall

I use idea2result on a periodic basis to suppliment mail campaigns. My rep impressed me as being not only extremely hard working and diligent, but also quick on the learning curve.His feedback was important and I noted that management got involved in ways of improving call technique and delivery.

As an Internet startup, there are not enough hours in the day to do everything we needed to do. Once we identified a bottleneck in our business, namely contacting potential business partners, we searched “appointment setting” and found Adam and his team. We could not be happier with the service, assistance and results we are getting from working with Adam. Thanks!

I am thrilled to report that we have signed a home as a direct result of using your service. However, it doesn’t stop there. The same agent you put us in touch with for this home, has also referred us to a home manager for this home. All very exciting! Thank you soooo much! You guys are great!

Donna MuelverFranchise OwnerShowhomes Southeast Wisconsin

I would like to drop an update after 7 month of utilizing Idea2Result services. Team has delivered as promised, quality appointment setting service accompanied by superb customer services. 3 month into the services, I have decided to assist Idea2Result by working with our franchise owners in training Appointment Setters. I am excited to have Idea2Result as part of my team to continue and deliver a unique, cost efficient lead generation solution.

Jeff SmithShowhomes Orlando

I recently started working with Idea2Result and unfortunately there were a few initial challenges. However, it was not the challenges or mistakes made that defined Idea2Results, it was the professionalism with which they handled the challenges that defined their character as an organization. As a result of their professionalism, I am excited about continuing my relationship with Ideas2Results and looking forward to recognizing their success through the incredible service they provide.

Pete MarstonManaging PrincipalShowhomes Raleigh

I hired Sherill from Idea2Result about 1 month ago. I hate cold calling but I have to go on 3 to 5 appointments a day to meet my goals. Now that I have Sherill I have been completely busy every day AND I don’t have to do those dreaded cold calls anymore! When I go into appointments my prospects are ready for me and my close rate has increased! I love having a dedicated rep who knows me, my product, and my business! Best service on the market!

HeatherMarketing ConsultantLiving Social