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Telemarketing Etiquette

Telemarketing Etiquette

Telemarketers today are often branded with a bad reputation. Majority of the time, people see their calls as intrusive, especially when received at an inconvenient time. To avoid being linked with these negative perceptions, one must learn to apply proper telemarketing etiquette. By doing so, you can avoid the wrath of your clients and perform your job more effectively.


Greet the recipient courteously then ask for the person you wish to talk to. Plus, make sure that you pronounce his/her name properly as this can add to the person’s infuriation. This is especially true if the person’s name is fairly common.

If you are using an autodialer and there was a gap before you returned the greeting, make an effort to apologize. Most people dislike having a dead time. So, acknowledge the delay and apologize for it.


Through the tone of your voice, the call recipient may use this to get his/her first impression of you. Even if you’ve been rejected for a number of times, try to be as enthusiastic as you can with every call. You may not know it, but your clients will most likely notice it before they even realize what you’re trying to say.

Before placing a call, try to take a deep breath to release the tension. After this, smile widely before you begin with the conversation. Plus, pay attention to the volume of your voice. If you’ve been making calls for a few hours already, chances are your voice might be fading. To compensate for this, try to talk a little louder so your client could clearly hear you.


Try to maintain a comfortable pace and enunciate words clearly as you talk to your client. Your client may not be able to comprehend what you’re trying to say if you speak too quickly. On the other hand, they might lose interest if you talk too slowly.

In order to relay the message effectively, speak in a conversational manner. Using a script is fine, but please make sure that you deliver the message as normal as possible.


A number of call recipients could be irritated or even be rude at times. Answer politely even if the call recipient starts to yell at you. If you think they’re being abusive, just let them know that you’ll be ending the call before you hang up. You might be tempted to hang up the phone without even uttering a single word, but please bear in mind that a true professional is someone who treats his clients with respect even if they are treated impolitely.