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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We have begun Idea2Result Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts in 2009. After more than 2 years, we are excited about our progress (#1 in Google). Give us the opportunity to provide results to your business to compliment our Appointment Setting Services!

Stages in Search Engine Optimization campaign:

Stage 1: Analysis

Just like building a house, without solid architecture, you stand no chance. There are a several factors in determining which key words you want to target:

  • Relevance – what are you prospects searching for?

  • Traffic – how many searches is the keyword getting (in your specific geographic area)?

  • Competition – are you up against several billion dollar companies or maybe a small company holding their position simply because they had been up for so many years?

  • Time / Cost – although they will be estimates only, begin to evaluate your total cost (including your time) in the project

  • Bottom Line – What is the expected ROI (Return on Investment) for this keyword?

Stage 2: Game Plan / Tools

Ok, you have committed to your keywords. What’s next?

  • Important decisions need to be made regarding the tools necessary to move forward:
    • Blog
    • Article Submissions
    • PR Releases (Free or Paid:
    • Directory Submissions (Free or Paid:
    • Dmoz Listing
    • Facebook/Twitter & Social Media (including on website components)
    • Online regular updates through news and forums
    • Link building (social bookmarking)
    • Industry / Local links
    • Video
  • Content is King, it really is. As a result, we would suggest to carve out an information/expertise nitch within your industry. Series of articles or an online book, you need to demonstrate your expertise and create VALUABLE content for your visitors and search engines to determine your website’s importance.
Stage 3: Execution

Determine frequency of action and get ready to wait for results. Be disciplined, this is not easy or fast. There are no shortcuts for sustainable results. You want to have a permanent position, so use the white hat SEO principles.

Stage 4: Maintenance

Reached your position? Create a maintenance plan to ensure your keywords stay.

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Every project is custom. Our monthly package starts from $1,500. We are big believers in CONTENT IS KING for optimization. Monthly fee will include 30 original articles and other content related activity depending on the competition.

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