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Sales outsourcing services in any business outsourcing provide an external third party sales force. Although the extent of responsibilities of outsourcing companies can vary greatly, telemarketing is the first step in all sales outsourcing services. Leveraging sales sales rep’s time is critical to keep them motivated and at the peak of their production abilities.

Step 1: Choose Sales Agent

Step 2: Choose Pricing Option

Step 3: Launch Campaign

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Sales Outsourcing Services:

  • Pricing – From $9 per hour.

  • Select an Appointment Setter – Choose from our team of available, experienced appointment setters by listening to audio now!

  • Data – Our database includes 19 million US and 1.4 million Canadian Businesses.

  • Process – Review our process to get started.

  • Library – Learn more about our industry: articles, blog and forums.

Name Degree Introduction
Jem Bachelor Jem
Justine Bachelor Justine
Lanie Bachelor Lanie
Meg Bachelor Meg
Pierre Bachelor Pierre
Archie Bachelor Archie
Rochel Bachelor Rochel

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Our role among the business outsourcing companies

As one of the best outsourcing companies, our sole mission is to represent our clients product/service. We are not calling on “behalf of”, we are calling “from”. It is a big difference, through our sales outsourcing services you are gaining team members dedicated to the success of your organization.

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