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Rewards Of Global Virtual Teams For Telemarketing

It is widely accepted that the reward for promoting global virtual teams is the ability of organizations to leverage on the different skills and competencies of team members from around the world.

What does leveraging mean?

You may have heard of the term leveraging from a financial standpoint. Leverage is most commonly used in real estate transactions through the use of mortgages to purchase a home. In this case, we are using the term leverage specifically as a means of utilizing the skills and competencies of the virtual WAH (work-at-home) appointment setters that are collectively available to expand and increase the organization’s result.

These lead generation appointment setters come from diverse backgrounds at different WAH locations around the world. We will focus our attention on the human side of building a global virtual teamwork rather than from a technology perspective. Why should they work together in teams when they can work individually at home?

The advantages of global virtual teams

The advantages of creating a global virtual team are the same if not almost similar to that of managing diversity in the workplace.

1. When lead generation appointment setters come from diverse backgrounds, they bring individual talents and experiences with them. It is a wealth of experience and uniqueness that enhances the workplace that ultimately contributes to an organization’s overall growth.

2. It promotes a challenging environment where every individual appointment setter in the organization strives to excel and feels the need to exert more effort to overcome individual differences.

3. It helps understand the needs and addresses the specific requirements of diverse customers on a global scale when appointment setters with different skills and cultural backgrounds work together.

4. It generates a wide range of ideas and critical thinking necessary for organizations to formulate sound business strategies and solutions.

5. Successful team performance exceeds the total sum of individual performance.

6. Accountability is shared individually and as a team. There is strength in numbers.

How to promote a global virtual team environment

1. Encourage participation. This is the first and most important step in promoting a global team environment. Seek ideas, suggestions; ask questions and opinions on all areas of work. Value each contribution made – positive or negative. Appointment setters should never be dissuaded from voicing their opinions and ideas regarding any matter.

2. Recognize the differences – perceptual, cultural, language, priorities and location barriers. Others may focus on business process while others may look at skills enhancements. Overlook their differences in opinions and beliefs. Minimize confusion and identify areas of similarities to unite and create a healthy working teamwork environment.

3. Accept opinions with respect. Ideas may sound ridiculous to some but brilliant for others. It should be kept in mind that every person has his or her personal life and it is important to value that and give the person some space. Welcoming and acknowledging a contribution from an appointment setter team member regardless of its outcome helps set the stage for future active participation for others as well.

4. Allow and encourage open communications between appointment setter – to discuss areas for improvement, generate ideas as well as share key lead generation learning and experiences on the job as a group.

5. Introduce policies, procedures and training initiatives that acknowledge diversity and enhance teamwork.