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Appointment Setting & Telemarketing Service Processes

Step 1 – Choose Your Appointment Setter
Select an Agent using our Appointment Setter Selector. All available agents area ready and will contact you within 24 hours after begin selected.

Step 2 – Prepayment
Select a Pricing Plan:$15 plus $20 per every appointment which happens or $21 per hour. We track hours via TrackMyHours.

Step 3 – Agreement & Intake Form
I2R has a straight forward 1 page legal agreement which specifies the terms and conditions of the relationship between you and I2R for Appointment Setting Services. This agreement mostly focuses on the confidentiality of the sales campaigns, and prohibition against direct solicitation of our Agents who are employed by I2R. See Agreement and Intake Form

Step 4 – Call Guide
I2R will consult, assist and advise you in the formulation and development of the appropriate Call Guide. We specifically refer to the campaign outline as a “Call Guide” instead of a “Script” due to our firm belief in Appointment Setters ability to professionally and confidently “free flow” their phone conversation with your prospect. Based on our deep industry knowledge and multiple years of experience on numerous Appointment Setting campaigns, we have found that reading a pre written script can significantly reduce the desired results and in some instances be counterproductive.
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The Art of Appointment Setting – Chapter 3 Lead Generation – Pitch/Script/Call Guide Development

Step 5 – Appointment Setter Training
Everyone of our Appointment Setters has at least 3 years of direct relevant experience in the Tele Sales industry. Most of our Agents have gone through extensive Call Center Training by large global Fortune 500 corporations including Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, General Motors and General Electric. Remember that this crucial step is about the Appointment Setter becoming comfortable and knowledgeable with your business product or service. Walking the Agent through your Website, sharing applicable marketing materials, and performing over the phone training are essential tools at your disposal. Both of us would like to make sure that our Appointment Setters are capable of handling objections while at the same time be able to project deep knowledge of your business product or service . We expect you to play a major role in coaching, training and mentoring our appointment setters on how to effectively handle various possible objections presented by the prospect customer. Our appointment setters will study and review the Call Guide for mastery of the content and natural flow of the message, and make themselves available for over-the-phone training that will be conducted by you on the first day of the campaign. Remember that continuous improvement in Agent motivation, desire to thrive on new challenges, and personal initiatives are accomplished through ongoing coaching, training and mentoring calls between you and the Agent.

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Step 6 – Data & Dialer
Dialer – Unlimited calling $229.00 per month per Agent.
Data – 18 million current US & 1.4 million Canadian Business contacts for our clients.

Step 7 – Database Development
Google Docs have proven to be the most valuable web based database for 1-2 agent campaign and custom CRM or Dialer based platform is the best choice for campaigns with higher then 3 agents. In addition to being able to monitor our Appointment Setters update the tracking spreadsheet in real time, Google Documents allows multiple sheet creation to keep track of warm prospects / leads go through the full sales cycle.

See an example of a Google Document Used for Campaign Monitoring and Tracking.

Step 8 – Launch
Appointment Setter Empowerment is key to success. After you have chosen and trained a dedicated Appointment Setter, created a unique Call Guide and provided the best call data, we launch the campaign. Idea2Result has designed a Client Operations Manual to answer most questions which come up during a campaign. Staying flexible to fine-tuning all components of the campaign, and keeping the Appointment Setter excited and confident will increase the chances of success for not only your Appointment Setting Campaign but also for your business. Appointment Setting Campaign.

At this point, we ask you to begin working with our Appointment Setters on a day-to-day basis. Any training concerns, questions, schedule conflicts, and other potential issues which may arise during the campaign will be forwarded by the Appointment Setter directly to you to begin Inside Sales, Telemarketing & Lead Generation. We thank you in advance for sharing your precious time and valuable expertise with our Agents.

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