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Methods of Pricing Used by Telemarketing Companies

Methods of Pricing Used by Telemarketing CompaniesBusinesses are constantly reminded to be careful in choosing a telemarketing company to hire because they will be the voice of their business. Such company will speak in your behalf to your potential customers therefore choosing the right company is highly important.

Price is one of the factors in the decision businesses make when it comes to employing the services of telemarketing companies but often, prices are difficult to pin down because of the different price structures and the vast selection of telemarketing companies out there.

Telemarketing price structures can greatly vary between different companies but generally speaking, they fall into two major categories namely flat rate and pay per lead. The former involves paying at fixed rate per hour or per day and the costs do not vary. This enables the business to plan their budget easily. The downside is it does not have performance incentive. Therefore this pricing method is better for working through long and large lists of data to evaluate uncertain interest in a product or service.

telemarketing company appointment setterThe latter involves paying a fixed amount for every appointment generated by the telemarketing company. In this pricing structure, performance incentive exists. This is a favorable method for businesses that require greater degree of selling such as generating appointments from a list of warm prospects. Prices vary depending on how difficult the appointment setting campaign is for your particular products.

There are other pricing methods used by telemarketing companies. Lower rates may be offered for trial campaign for a set period of time but this is not always ideal to take advantage of because the results may not be as rewarding as those services with higher prices.

Most businesses today decide using another company for their appointment setting campaign. It is not because they are not confident about their skills and abilities to contact clients on their own. They just want an assurance that they are contacting those clients who have genuine interest to what they offer instead of calling those who are not which will only be a waste of their money, time and effort that only an experienced appointment setter can do. Using a telemarketing company allows them to set more qualified appointments and eventually, generate more sales.