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The Power Of Social Media In Lead Generation

Unless you have been living alone in a deserted island for the past few years then you are probably familiar with Facebook or Twitter, possibly even LinkedIn. Since the enormous growth of social networking sites, it’s never been more crucial for lead generation companies to be involved. Facebook alone has billions of users; don’t you think there are at least a few of those who are interested to know what your brand has to offer?

Power Of Social Media In Lead Generation

Here are some tips for effective social media lead generation:

• Set up your media profiles and update regularly- This is pretty basic so you should at least be crossing this out on from list right now! For starters, the key is always RELEVANCE. Learn how each social network site works and set up the most relevant profile. And yes, it is so very easy even a first grader can do it.

• Make your presence known- By interacting with other users. Engage others in conversations or post status updates that ask about what others think. Posting an open ended question on your wall is a good start as it will allow your current contacts, followers or friends to share their opinion. Long threads will surely catch attention and may draw in others with same interests. Another technique that will reel in followers is through contests and promotions. You can post mechanics on how to participate and win the prize (e.g. Brand new Ipad Mini) on your page and make sure this includes likes, follows and shares.

• Share relevant content- Rather than just giving out information about what you sell, try to focus on what people need. Give value to your customers, listen to what they have to say and answer back with contents that give solutions. The more amazing content you present the more chances of luring in potential clients. Of course don’t forget to include target links so that when readers click it, they’ll be taken specifically to where they want to be.

• Monitor your progress- Measure your efforts and see if it’s all worth your time and energy. There are lots of analytic tools available today that keep track of how your website’s traffic is doing and where visitors are coming from.

Social media has indeed become the most powerful yet cost-effective tool that you should be taking advantage of. However, do not expect to miraculously gain thousands of fans overnight. You can go viral today and be forgotten the next day. Just like any other company that wants to make it big, it takes time and consistent efforts. Well social media is fun and more accessible so why not give it a try?