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Overcoming the Challenges of Appointment Setting

Overcome the Challenges of Appointment Setting

Appointment setting may be a challenging task especially if you know how to go about it. An appointment setter’s role does not only involve answering the phone and cold calling, it’s more complicated than that.

In this article, we’ll give you a preview into the challenging world of appointment setting. Read along as we give you a rundown on the most common problems that they encounter and a few helpful tips on how to overcome them.


Appointment setters mainly functions to seek prospective clients for their company. And the fastest, but definitely not the easiest way of reaching possible clients is through cold calling. As you pick up the phone and dial the numbers, you might be lucky if someone accepts the call and listen to what you have to say on your first trial. Most of the time, these telemarketers are rejected numerous times as people does not want to entertain calls from strangers, especially from sales agents, that is.

Solution: Know your target audience. You won’t get anywhere near a prospective client by simply dialing some random numbers. Make a list of people who might be interested with your products or services and start from there. Also, patience is an important virtue that you should have in order to succeed in this business.

Relaying the message

A lot of people are busy with work and other duties. They may not have time to talk to you on the phone and listen as you give them a preview of your new products and services. With the varying products introduced in the market, people may not care about your product especially if they do not need them.

Solution: Instead of focusing on marketing your product, focus on your client’s needs. Sure, they may not be interested with your products now, but as they realize that this is something they can use and make their tasks a bit easier, they may spare you a few minutes of their time and give you a chance to speak.

Getting the client’s trust

Trust is something that you earn. People will not just welcome you and trust everything you say on your first encounter. This is especially hard if you have never met the client in person. As most telemarketers communicate with their clients over the phone, it may be hard to persuade the client to meet with you and schedule an appointment in order to present the product in person and eventually close the sale.

Solution: Build an honest relationship with you clients. Never give them false promises and provide them with an exaggerated description of the product just to please them. Be truthful to your words and talk to them in a professional manner. Also, don’t forget to smile as you answer the phone or place a call. Your clients might not see it, but it gives them an assurance that the person on the other end of a line is someone with a warm personality and is ready to help. This smile can do wonders to your voice and client’s can sense your enthusiasm through it.