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Merits & Demerits Of Hiring Virtual Call Centers

Idea2Result Vs. Call Center became an pivotal questions for many corporate clients considering increasingly attractive virtual environment.

For Call Center:

✓ First, let’s address the biggest limitation of the virtual call center – Sales Agents single point infrastructure. If internet or power to their location goes down or if PC crashes, Sales Agent will cease to participate in the Virtual Call Center.

For Idea2Result:

✓ Let’s address the most common fallacy – home based Sales Agents are “out of sight – out of mind”, in other words, there is no control and reduced productivity. Today’s technology allows to hear and to see Sales Agent’s productivity during the day and to ensure compliance to all processes.

✓ No geographic limitation in hiring – physical call center is limited by finding Sales Agents able to commute to the office on daily basis. This could work for inbound call center requiring 1 or less years experience, however, when seeking Sales Agents from 3-8 years experience, this is a very serious limitation.

✓ Low turn-over – Sales Agents are happier working from their. Since there is no need to commute, Sales Agents spend more time at home and have more energy to contribute to their assigned campaign.

✓ Cost – call center’s physical infrastructure adds considerable overhead, virtual model allows for considerably higher compensation to attract and retail top talent.