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1. First, please listen to the sound samples, review the resumes, and then choose your agent from the available agents intros below (all have already been trained on ESS protocols and scripts.)

Name Degree Introduction
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2. Decide if you would like to purchase a lead list from us, and indicate so when filling out our intake form below.

3. Sign our simple agreement, which basically states that you will not steal our employees, your data is confidential, we have no formal relationship with you nor and that the agent on our side is a contractor for you/your business. This link will open in a new browser tab. When you are done with reviewing and signing our agreement, please continue with this page.

4. Expect an email within one business day from your agent, introducing themselves and asking for a convenient meeting time via phone which will be used to establish how you will go about working together, and pertinent details of your expectations.

5. We highly recommend that you read some of our freely available educational materials located at: The Art of Appointment Setting as well as the articles linked on the bottom of the page. Yes, our agents are great, but they operate as a TEAM with you! Almost 90% of our client campaigns that do not achieve the desired results stem from the client just assuming they can be totally hands off with their virtual team. Partnership is where both sides find wins!

We at i2R (our in-house shorthand) thank you for your business! We think you are working with a great organization in ESS, and we most sincerely hope to find our success, by assisting in yours!

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