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In conjunction with the staff, we at are delighted to have you join us!

About 10 years ago, our founder Adam noted that he was great at closing deals, but didn’t enjoy the process of filling his appointment calendar. Adam searched for a firm to do what he wanted, namely, to cold call potential clients and ask for sales meetings, but could not identify a great firm to do so.

Sure there were telemarketers out there, some even had a decent reputation, but none did what Adam wanted, at a reasonable price, and with a sense of integrity. Next thing you know, Adam had a growing small business.

10 years later, is one of the worlds leading sales appointment setting services. We focus precisely on the basics of the sales process:


X phone calls results in


Y appointments that result in

(shared joy and compensation!)         

$ sales closes

We do what we do with integrity and a great deal of human touch, but the focus is always on the core – namely our business is increasing our customers business. This simple focus and humane philosophy is what has landed us in Forbes and Huffington Post.

The management team knows that for many authorized dealers one of the greatest challenges is similar to that which our founder Adam faced – setting appointments. After a bit of due diligence, a special program was created with dedicating a staff and special training to assisting you, in your business development.

The Program

1. Special group pricing – purchase a reduced rate week of agent time (full time dedicated to you and your business at $8.50 per hour x 40 hours.)

2. Special group pricing – purchase reduced rate lead lists from our 3 databases updated monthly at $44.50 per use for up to 5000 leads to be called.

3. You, the authorized ESS dealer engages with a dedicated agent of

4. You offer the agent specific instructions as to how you would like to deal with him or her. Examples:

– You wish to share your calendar with your agent, so they can directly input appointments

– You would like your agent to email you, or call you, or both

5. You work with your agent to fine tune the program (this is REALLY important!)

6. You have qualified appointments to close!

Its really that easy!

Your agent works for you and with you, please consider them a member of your virtual team. Remember they are humans, and intelligent ones at that. They have feelings, and even though they are trained for, and daily take the rejections on your behalf, a kind word, encouragement, and some basic relationship building will have them become a pre-trained, highly valuable member of your team in no time.

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