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Lead Generation – Appointment Setter Empowerment

A recent article in Businessweek explored the question: what drives your best sales managers? The once revered volume technique, insisting on a high quantity of pitches to accomplish sales goals, is no longer cutting it in today’s business.

Instead we see a shift towards improving the quality, not of each call or pitch, but of each individual appointment setter. There may at this point be an uncomfortable feeling that this inevitably implies an increase in compensation, but that is neither a practical or permanent solution to explore. We turn instead to Maslow’s third level in the hierarchy of needs for all people, including appointment setters: the need to belong.

Whether working within your office space or representing your company off-site a lead generation appointment setter needs to feel fully integrated with your organization to both perform at an optimal level and keep you well informed about your client base. Of course this point is even more important if the appointment setter is off-site. If the appointment setter feels like they are part of your team than their emotional investment, understanding that their appointment setting influence their co-workers and a pride in the company they represent, may be the motivational push that sets that appointment or closes that deal. So how do we make our appointment setter feel like a part of the team?

First we need to open communication on both ends. It is no longer the status quo to speak to agent once, give him or her a script, and only see them on payday. A relationship needs to develop that creates a comfortable environment for feedback to be sent regularly. On your end, this means taking the time to get to know the appointment setter, examine their work, and give constant praise or criticism when deserved (calling regularly to your off-site appointment setter can be a sure way to touch on those elements). What you will get in return in addition to better performing appointment setter and overall improved telemarketing services is the peace of mind that you will be kept well informed about your lead generation efforts.

So when you decide to take on a sales agent to increase traffic, take the initiative to ensure that the two of you will have the kind of relationship that will benefit your business. The subtleties of feeling like a member of your organization can really enable that agent to produce amazing results in B2B lead generation campaigns.