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Chapter 11 – Is Appointment Setting This Complicated?


Why? Because Appointment Setting allows business owners to meet with prospects. That is the most challenging first step in any business. Most of business owners believe that if they have a targeted audience, they stand above average chance of closing a sale.

We would like to close this publication with a few “reality checks”:

1. Appointment Setting is complex. It is a constantly moving target as the appointment setting formula continues to fluctuate as variables change. If you are considering starting your first campaign, be ready for a learning curve. Be patient, creative and resourceful. Build a relationship with your telemarketer and work as a team.

2. Understand Appointment Setting Formula in detail. Make “campaign tweaking” your main hobby until you reach acceptable ROI. If it was easy, wouldn’t everyone outsource telemarketing and grow huge companies?

3. If you are able to make outsourced appointment setting work – homerun! We have seen companies double in size within a relatively short time with sole reliance on appointment setting for business development.

Remember, telemarketing services provides the tools but your involvement and decisions will make or break your telesales campaign.

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