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Idea2Result releases a formula for Lead Generation & Inside Sales Appointment Setting

Clients will grow their top line through innovative approach to appointment setting.

Chicago, IL, February 11, 2011
Idea2Result, a leading national telemarketing, lead generation and inside sales firm, announces the release of their formula for lead generation that had been the cornerstone of its’ nine years of successful operations. “We’ve derived a formula that, in our opinion, will touch on all the variables that affect the outcome of a dynamic appointment setting campaign,” says Adam Fridman, the founder and CEO of Idea2Result.

In their work with various clients, from large global multinational corporations to small corner neighborhood businesses, Idea2Result tacticians saw a common trait: a desire to grow and expand their top line. “We come across many entrepreneurs from all walks of life and they all share one passion – that their idea will revolutionize the industry or the world and, through proper marketing channels, could become the next Google or Facebook. They talk and we listen” adds Mr. Fridman.

While there are numerous ways to go about growing a marketing department’s reach, such as expanding the sales force, increasing the advertising spend, going into new geographical areas and/or expanding the current product/service lines, one of the most obvious and simple solutions is to increase the marketing budget for lead generation. Idea2Result focuses on one particular innovative aspect of growing their clients’ top line, an aspect that they know best: business to business appointment setting.

The formula, derived from thousands of hours in the field of lead generation with numerous clients, is as follows:

Idea: Agent + Product / Service + Promotion + Data + Reporting + Training + Management + X = Result

“We believe that this formula is inclusive of all major factors that could possibly affect the results of a successful sales campaign for any client, and we’re very excited to share our success with the business community,” said Adam Fridman.

For more information, and details about each of the formula’s nine components, visit

Idea2Result is a Chicago-based sales agent staffing service that provides appointment setting, lead generation and inside sales services to small and medium sized businesses around the nation. Its’ most recent telemarketing campaign has been a 1,500 appointments blast with, America’s largest home staging company, as well as unprecedented 400 appointments in under a month with All Furniture Care Inc., a medium-sized midwest-based firm. The founder, Adam Fridman, a former investment banker, a real estate broker and a financial engineer, is the author of The Art of Appointment Setting, a how-to book on lead generation and inside sales, that can be found in its’ entirety online at

***Visit “The Art of Appointment Setting” for full details.