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Chapter 6 – “In-House or Outsourced Telemarketing Services”

Considering we provide outsourced appointment setters, pretending to be unbiased in this topic would seem anecdotal. So, you have been warned, much of this article is SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION with a slight hint consideration for the in-hours alternative.

Advantages of In-House Telemarketers

Let’s address the obvious advantage of “in-house” telemarketing staff – having your sales agents within the arm’s reach every day of the week. If you’re the type of boss who does not like to delegate, someone who needs to personally be involved in every single process of your company to the point of choosing the type of coffee filters employees use in the break room and, most importantly, if you can afford it, by all means – hire your own staff. Having in-house telemarketing services offers the following advantages:

– Perfect transparency and constant employee supervision
– Instant feedback
– Ability to create on the spot and fine tune immediately
– Perfect control over sensitive data

However, if you prefer to concentrate on the thing that you do best – creating your product or providing your service, you outsource your telemarketing needs to the professionals.

Advantages of Outsourced Telemarketers:

Human Resource advantages:
– In order for us to make one agent available for staffing to our clients we must interview 10-15 prospects and choose the most qualified.
– Every agent signed agreement to protect client’s confidentiality.
– Every agent gets orientation in using time tracking tools, email, Google instant messaging and other administrative protocols.
– Let’s face it, not every agent will work out. Terminating employment with a particular agent of Idea2Result only requires one email.

IT advantages:
– Agent must provide their own equipment and internet connection.
– Idea2Result provides email, messaging and other support.

Accounting advantages:
– Idea2Result is an US Corporation, you pay to a company avoiding for any additional accounting related to employees.
– Idea2Result provides timely invoices, tracks hours and ensure for a smooth accounting of the project.

– Idea2Result offers years of telemarketing services experience to assist in directing your agent.
– Idea2Result offers operational managers standing by to check if your agent is available.
– By using home based agents, the pool of available candidates becomes the entire world as opposed to employees who can drive to your office.
– Scaling up your telemarketing services campaign is one email away.

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