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Illusion #6 “Business lead generation is not as efficient as the Stock Market”

Unless you are Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor of Facebook or Steve Jobs, the inventor of Apple, it is almost certain that your business product or service will face intense competition from both large, well capitalized and established Fortune 500 companies and also small, agile, creative and nimble mom and pop businesses down the street. You are probably wondering how everyone supposes to survive and find enough customer leads in this ruthless, coldblooded, and cutthroat environment. Let’s go into depth on the discussion of the effectiveness of Inside Sales, Telemarketing Service & Lead Generation for your business product or service.

Every single business owner, manager and/or sales representative such as yourself is looking for the most economical, inexpensive and efficient way to generation new business and bring in incremental revenue. In fact, that search usually evaluates all available marketing distribution channels such as Television, Radio, Newspapers, Trade Magazines, Internet, Direct Mail campaigns, and of course Telemarketing. At the end of the day, any business decision boils down to an ROI (return on investment). An opportunity to earn a greater ROI will be explored and utilized by any skilled and capable business owner.

Outside of very few exceptions, we assume there are capable business owners in every industry with financial expertise of being able to choose lead generation yielding great ROI and “exhaust it”, or grow it as much as possible. What does this remind us of, how about equity trading.

Equity markets are extremely efficient and hold many of the same variables that are discussed above. Capital allocation, expected return, evaluation of risk and of course the motivation of making a profit. Business lead generation in a corporate environment is very similar and every new campaign must assume others have tried it, or are currently utilizing it. Finding a “silver bullet” or a trading anomaly that exploits some market inefficiency, although possible, is extremely rare. This brings us to a critical question of what can you do if business lead generation is already completely efficient?

Our suggestion is that you must expect to work simultaneously hard and smart. Your inside sales campaign should yield “normal returns”, basically you must exhibit realistic expectations up front. Focusing on the right people with the right amount of talent, and on the right processes of inside sales is absolutely paramount to success. Endless tweaking, constant evaluation of results and team work will help to produce an acceptable ROI for your business product or service.

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