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Illusion #5 “Call me when you have a Sale”

Being able to effectively sell and properly market your product and/or service is the catalyst that will determine whether your business survives in today’s ultra competitive recessionary environment. In fact, with aggressive and intense competition available for virtually all products or services, it is the assignment of the sales function within the organization to identify, engage and convince the prospective customer to purchase from you and not your direct competitors.

A common phrase that we hear from our prospect clients is “Our product / service sells itself…. We only need the right prospect to learn about us”. Remember that this is a very common misconception which we have addressed with our prospect clients on multiple occasions. We strive to convince our prospect clients that their offering is often not perceived as superior in their prospective customer’s eyes, and they need to do a lot more than just reach out to the prospective customers in order to secure the sale transaction. We will work tirelessly and diligently on finding a cost efficient and sustainable sales channel which is specifically tailored for your business.

Although it is tempting to outsource the entire process in a turn-key manner, business owner must understand this decision and fully evaluate all the potential consequences. Essentially, you are asking an outside party to become responsible for the “life blood” of your business which is lead generation and sales.

Remember that Idea2Result is not advocating keeping your entire lead generation function in-house. We are simply suggesting for you to outsource specific tasks and responsibilities in your sales cycle to us as we fully grasp how your sales process operates and functions.

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