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Appointment Setting Illusion #3 – Don’t Bother Me, Just Send Me Appointments

Most sales driven businesses need a constant flow of appointments and lead generation for their internal sales team. The problem with this is that while the sales team are following up on leads and attending appointments, they’re not on the phone getting new leads and appointments for your business!

Importance of outsourced / third party administered appointment settings and pre-sales activities are getting more increased as these techniques are essential to pull your marketing strings to earn more sales and leads. Telemarketing is regarded as the workable and most effective business-to-business communication tool that offers potentially soaring profits easily and effectively. From the turn of the century, the process of appointment settings holds the attention of corporate industry via its capacity to provide matchless results. Recent developments in communication technologies have improved the effectiveness of appointment settings. Strategy of appointment settings needs a well-managed, pre-planned program to hold the attention of people towards your products and services. In this hyper competitive corporate world, role of appointment setting is becoming more crucial.

Just keep in mind when you decide on an lead generation campaign that you understand what is doable and realistic and what isn’t. For example, appointment setting is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There is a process to appointment setting that is very similar to closing a deal.

First, your Agent must get past the gatekeeper and voice mail which can take several calls or several weeks depending on the campaign you and your Agent have engineered / structured. Once your Agent speaks with the decision maker chances are they will want to see some written material. Sending a generic mass mailer to prospects is good but verifying the info package and customizing it before your Agent sends it is much better.

Now, you or your internal fully dedicated inside sales person must get the ball rolling by engaging your prospect in a dialogue as opposed to a sales pitch. In other words you want to get inside the prospects head to determine their thought process and thus their buying intentions. Once you are sitting in front of your prospect, you want to actually develop / create their need for your product or service. This is where a lot of sales pitches tend to go off course. If there is no need for your product or service, there is no “closing the deal”, forget about it! Part of the reason that most people hate face to face sales pitches is that most people often find out that there is a significant discrepancy between what was communicated over the phone by your Agent and what you can actually accomplish / deliver to your prospect. Think about it this way. You can’t sell anyone anything unless there is a true need / real demand. Unfortunately, most business owners such as yourself expect their Appointment setting Agent to just get as many appointments as possible, force it if necessary, just so that you can get your foot in the door and actually get in front of the prospect. Obviously this strategy tends to backfire because once you or your sales person shows up for the meeting, the prospect has no interest in having a discussion. This is why it is always more important to have fewer set lead generation appointments that are developed by your Agent as opposed to a lot of appointments that go nowhere and could cause you or your sales person to burn out and give up on a potentially successfully inside sales campaign.

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