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Appointment Setting Illusion #1 – Groundless Projections of Results

Here is what “groundless projection” illusion sounds like:

“I am looking to start my lead generation campaign selling my widgets to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Considering the greatness of my product and the fact that this call is ONLY appointment setting exercise, I am expecting .5 to .75 appointments per hour. Are you good enough to deliver such results?”

Let’s examine this fairly simple statement about this business owner’s perception of B2B Executive Level Telemarketing Campaign. In addition to quantifying the precise number of appointments which is expected by the Agent, this owner made every assumption possible about the marketplace he is about to enter for the very first time via a new lead generation method. Availability of CEOs, competitiveness of the product in hand, ability to schedule appointment even after the prospect is on the phone, and all other variables of the campaign (discussed in Chapter 2) were completely disregarded by this business owner. “Are you good enough to deliver such results?” was the only sentence with the question mark this businessman presented to the Agent or to the Appointment Setting Company being interviewed.

I enjoy analogies and would like to compare this example to another industry. Masonry tradesman is approached with the following question, “I would like you to build the most beautiful home in our county. Are you good enough to deliver?” This is further clarified with the following. “This type of a house has never been built before, but it shouldn’t be a big deal. Bricks are solid, mortar is strong, and you can have your pick of best trowels, brooms and brushes!” If you know construction, you know that masonry work follows meticulously outlined blue prints designed by an architect, often based on the concept of an artist/designer. Furthermore, this mason will need tools, masonry materials and supplies. Although mason is an important component of the project, his ability to deliver hinges on a well-orchestrated strategy, meticulously outlined action plan and the tools necessary to get the job done, play very important role.

Reaching success in telemarketing takes time and patience, requires tweaking and careful monitoring and tracking of results. Going in with a “groundless projection” for lead generation will destabilize the team from the onset.

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