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Idea2Result Services – Telemarketing & Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting Services – Bottom line, we are your ultimate choice for tackling the most difficult, challenging, time consuming, least understood and most often undesired and uncomfortable initial step in starting a new relationship with a client, customer, third party referral source, vendor, supplier, or any other professional.

Our service begins with well placed questions to understand the true nature and depth of your company’s service /product and your lead generation goals and objectives. Once we get a firm grasp of your company’s mission, we discuss the appointment setting program and marketing sales strategy that would fit your business.

Once our team and technology are in place, our clients actually take over with Agent training, day-to-day Agent management and launching the appointment setting campaign. The Idea2Result executive team closely monitors appointment setting campaign results and continuously fine-tunes the campaign by providing strategic operational advice. All of these services are encompassed in the low cost of our hourly fee.

We know that the ULTIMATE USE of your precious time and energy should be focused on closing qualified prospects. Just imagine eliminating all the time and effort spent on prospect research, back and forth phone tag, frustration in trying to find the appropriate decision maker within the organization, and keeping track of all your “warm prospects” on a daily basis.

We research prospect companies and identify contact information of the appropriate gate keeper, we determine who the right contact is, we make connection and speak with the decision maker, establish preliminary interest, send out follow up emails, and finally coordinate a meeting (or a conference call) so that you can take the next appropriate step.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unhappy with our results due to the agent, the data or the economy, we will refund the balance of unused prepayment, no questions asked at any time after you start the campaign.