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Idea2result Business Data For Telemarketing Campaign

✓ 18 Million US Businesses
✓ 1.4 Million Canadian Businesses
✓ Includes: Contact Information, SIC Code, Area Code, City, State, Zip, County, Employee Count, Annual Sales and Industry.
✓ All data is gathered from multiple sources and telephone verified to ensure accuracy.

Only available for ongoing Idea2Result Inside Sales, Telemarketing Services & Lead Generation campaigns.

Business Data Sources:

✓ Yellow and White Page Business Listings
✓ County and Secretary of State Data
✓ Business Publications, Magazines, and Newspapers
✓ Annual Business Reports and SEC Filings
✓ Sales Tax, Business Registration and Articles of Incorporation
✓ Postal Service NCOA (National Change of Address) Database
✓ Over 20 Million Phone calls to Verify information

Business Data Select Options

✓ LOCATION: State/Province, Area Code, County, Metro Area, City, and Zip Code.
✓ BUSINESS TYPE: SIC Code, Industry, Product/Service sold, and Profession.
✓ SIZE: Annual Sales Volume, and Number of Employees.
✓ CONTACT METHOD: Phone Number, Fax Number, Website, and Presence of Email.
✓ CONTACT TYPE: Key Decision Makers, Gender, Owner/Manager and CEO’s.



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