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Getting Past the Gatekeepers

Getting Past the Gatekeepers

If you are in the telemarketing industry, you have probably encountered the term “gatekeeper”. These people are the ones who are responsible for preventing people to have access to the company’s decision-maker.

Listed below are a few simple but helpful tips on how to get past the gatekeepers. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to converse with a decision maker in no time.

Sound senior

Seniors are not treated the same as the staff. If a gatekeeper believes that you are someone important, then you shall be treated differently. Use a relaxed and calm voice. Talk professionally and articulately. And if possible, avoid divulging important information.

During the first few seconds of your conversation with the gatekeeper, try to muster as much seniority as you can. If the gatekeeper thinks you are someone important, he/she will avoid asking too much questions.

The gatekeeper has the information

The gatekeeper knows a great deal of information about the decision maker and the company. Use this to your advantage and check if the person you wish to speak to is actually the decision maker. Try asking simple and non-intrusive questions in order to check your facts and build up a picture of the decision maker.

Don’t sell to the gatekeeper

The gatekeeper has the power of connecting you with the right person. But, keep in mind that they do not have the authority to make decisions. So, don’t bug the gatekeeper with information regarding your products or services. Mind you, they’re also working on a number of tasks. It will just irritate the gatekeeper; thus, blowing up your chance of communicating with the decision maker.

Build rapport

The gatekeeper is your best chance of being connected to the decision maker. If possible, try to build a positive relationship with them. You may not be the best of friends, but building rapport with them could help you get what you want. Plus, you’ll be greeted by a friendly gatekeeper every time you call.

Don’t use a script

You are not an actor, so lose the script. The gatekeepers are smart. They’ll most likely notice the scripted tone of your voice. Instead, come up with an effective plan on how to approach the gatekeeper.

Try to apply these tips one at a time and try to build a good relationship with the gatekeeper. Mind you, these people are not your enemies. They are just doing their jobs.