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Idea2Result Dialer For Telemarketing, Inside Sales & Lead Generation

Unlimited Plan: $229 month/agent (US & Canada Calling), multi agent discount available for Idea2Result Inside Sales, Telemarketing Service & Lead Generation.

The cost of the dialer is included with:
All Inclusive Special – until 8/15/10

✓ No Set Up Fee, No Commitment
✓ Improve Cold Calling Results
✓ Remote Access with Monitoring and Coaching Capabilities
✓ Flash-based Dialer for Sales Professionals
✓ Dials up to 400 Dials per Hour per Agent
✓ 100% SaaS. No hardware. No Software.
✓ Push 1 dialing (Robo Dialing) up to 1 million a day (separate cost )
✓ Unique Caller ID and Name per campaign
✓ Blended Inbound & Outbound Available
✓ New Account Set Up in Minutes
✓ Export by Lead Disposition
✓ Auto & Predictive Dialing Made Easy

Hosted Predictive Dialer Features:

✓ Web 2.0-based Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) with multiple-user call log, note taking, and contact reminders. Fully customizable contact data fields. Store customized information specific to your customer’s needs.

✓ Phone Connections: Connect the way you want. You can 1) use your existing phone line 2) use a SIP-based VoIP phone or 3) use our integrated flash-based Web Phone

✓ Auto Dial & Predictive Dialing algorithm analyzes past call history and contact database to intelligently dial contacts, increasing response rates. More hellos = more sales!

✓ Desktop application feel & responsiveness in a web-application using a standard browser plug-in. Unique “cache & push” technology bypasses delay caused by old click-send-response-refresh web technology.

✓ Contact details appear simultaneously once a telephone connection is established. 100% SaaS. No hardware or software to buy or maintain. Software is always up-to-date. (see sidebar)

✓ Custom built VoIP switching software ensures a natural user-contact experience with NO answer delay and clear telephone connections using your existing telephone. (VoIP connections also available)

✓ Call routing centers in Atlanta, GA (USA), The Netherlands, Mumbai (India), and Singapore



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