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Years Experience: 6

Degree: Bachelor

Previous Campaigns: Merchant Services; Printing Services; Web Design; Internet Marketing; Graphic Design Services; Medical; Loan; IT Services; Recruitment; Transportation Services, Janitorial Service, Internet Marketing

LED Agent: No


Bachelor of Science Major in Biology


May 2010-present
Home based Telemarketer/Appointment Setter

Heartland Payment Systems (August – September 2011)
Ø Called companies in various industries and set up an appointment for the Relationship Manager to meet and discuss the importance of the Legislation (Durbin Amendment) and offer a better service.

Delta Graphics (July – August 2011)
Ø Called businesses in the Trucking Industry and set up an appointment with the senior representative to offer transportation graphics and other types of printing services.

Empyre Media (April – May 2011) / (June – July 2011- re selected)
Ø Called affiliates in US and Canada and send e mails at the same time and set up a phone appointment for the Affiliate Manager to discuss how he can help in designing their unique campaign as well as their traffic and Vertical whether it’s in biz opp, nutra, dating and etc.

My Website Gallery (May-June 2011)
Ø Called businesses/establishment to introduce the Company and meet with the staff members regarding MWG handling their website design, Internet marketing, and graphic design services.

Medicare (April 2011)
Ø Called people who are turning 65 and set up an appointment for the Medicare Specialist to discuss the open enrollment and be aware of this important federal program.

Sage Medical Billing Inc. (March 2011-April 2011)
Ø Called doctors offices and set up an appointment with the doctor to meet with our representative and offer medical billing.

Tata Consultancy Services (December 2010-March 2011)
Ø Sets appointment with Company’s CIO to offer IT Services.

Providential Bancorp Inc. (Recruitment) / (August – December 2010)
Ø Sets up appointment with prospect Loan Originators/Loan Officers for an interview with
the VP of Sales, and the Sales Managers of Providential.

One Stop Merchant Services (July 2010)
Ø Called business owners/decision makers and sets up an appointment for our Representative to drop by their office and offer a better merchant service.

Electronic Payment Systems (June 2010)
Ø Called business owners/decision makers and sets up an appointment so our Representative can offer secured and unsecured business loans.

Nabrates (May 2010-June 2010)
Ø Called business owners/decision makers and sets up an appointment for our Representative to drop by their office and offer a better merchant service.

Sept 2006 – April 2010
HAVENLINK SOLUTIONS INC. (Sept 2006 – April 2010)
International Sales Representative

Campaign/Account (US Accounts)

Online Green Directory (March 2010 – May 2010)
Ø Called customers to update their directory listing and inform them they now have free membership with the Green Business Coalition, a chamber of commerce whose mission
is to increase the sales of its members, after informing them of the free membership we will then transfer them to our verifier.

Grant Seeker Pro (May 2009 – February 2010)
Ø Offered grant seekers a package that will help them find the grants that they are looking for. And if they choose to take advantage of the $109.00 package they would have to use their credit card to pay for it.

Freedom Financial Guide (February 2010 – March 2010)
Ø Offered Grant Seekers access to the website for a certain period of time to help them find the grant that they are looking for. And if they choose to take advantage of the free access they would have to use their credit card to pay for the one time fee.

Publications (Lancet/IMPO/Novo Nordisk) (June 2009 – April 2010)
As a “Schizo Agent”
Ø Assigned to call doctors offices either to renew their current subscription with the publication or offer them a new subscription for one year.

Schizo Agent – is an elite representative that fills-in for certain accounts, to generate sales when
badly needed, and eventually being pulled-out once the sales goal has been already achieved.

401K (January 2009)
Ø Offered companies and sets up an appointment with their HR manager or Consultant so they can review their current plan.

Birch Communications (December 2008 – January 2009)
Ø Another Telco company, goal was to switch customers from leading companies to Birch offering them different and/or better packages and rate.

Accent Energy (October 2007 – October 2008)
Ø Offered businesses lower and better rates as well as packages so they can switch from leading Electricity providers like Centerpoint, Reliant and so forth to Accent Energy. I was assigned specifically to Texas.
Awards received:
Ø Best Agent of the Month (Texas Team)
Ø Best Agent of the Month (Accent Energy)

Hotline to HR (June 2007)
Ø Offered 1800 number to companies HR department that all of the employees can access
24/7 if they have any problems or inquiries.

ADA (American Diabetes Association) (March 2007)/ (March 2009)
Ø Called prospects/customers to participate in the neighborhood campaign wherein they will provide stamps for letters that will either be delivered through mail or they can just simply hand it over or leave it at their doorsteps and ask for donations of any amount for
the Association.

Superior Internet Solutions Inc (November 2006)
Ø Transferred prospects/customers to live consultants in California to offer them marketing strategies for their company

Cordia (September 2006)
Ø Offered businesses and households better rates and packages so they can switch from leading telephone companies like Verizon, AT&T and so forth to Cordia

Call Center Executive (March 2006-August 2006)

Candy Campaign
Ø Responsible for delivering exceptional customer service to clients as well as surpassing
company-initiated goals. Serves as front liners for varied internet and/or via telephony
transactions and telemarketing of the contact center’s products and services. Acted as a
lead/POC for most off-site recruitment/sourcing activities.

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Guarantee If you are not fully satisfied, we will refund unused hours.
DatabaseOur Database includes 19 Million US & 1.4 Million Canadian Businesses -
Call Guide Development AssistanceWe believe �less is more� during the first call. Please send us your Script/Call Guide and we will provide our feedback.
HourlyChoose between our pricing options, either $14 per hour or $9 plus $20 per every qualified appointment. $21 $15
Bonus (per qualified appointment)Qualified Appointments will be decided by our clients, the standard: any appointment which happens at the specified time, with decision make to discuss products/services of our client. - $20
Prepayment (40 hours) Varies on the program you choose, please read Guarantee above, refund available for unused prepayment if not satisfied. Weekly Weekly
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Total $840 $600
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