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Client Manual To Deal With Telemarketers

Finally – our core belief – motivation, coaching, mentoring, training, encouragements, team work – Treat your agent “as if” they are sitting next to you.

Absence – Your dedicated agent is home based and will experience occasional technical issues. Please remember, you are billed for working hours only, if you agent is absent, please contact us immediately via: Live Support, or 877-587-1884 x 2.

“I have an Agent, what is my next step?”
please review best practices to assist you in getting the best ultimate results from your new relationship with an I2R Appointment Setter. Visit to learn more.

Hours of Operations
Your Agent will work within your time zone and according to the hours you have specified, please communicate this information at the first available opportunity to the Agent.

Start-Up Training
Once the Call Guide has been completed and finalized, please send it to your Agent so that he or she may start the process of reviewing and preparing. We strongly advise that you set up a phone conversation with your Agent before the start date of your campaign. During that conversation we propose that you share all the necessary key information about you, your company, your product or service, your industry landscape, your ideal prospect, and the in depth intricacies of the campaign itself.

Ongoing Communication
Our Agents do not have direct phone numbers. If you need to speak with your Agent, please email them (standard I2R issued email address is and indicate a time with your time zone specified when you are available to talk, phone number including an area code where you can be reached, and your Agent will call you at the specified time and number. Alternatively, please install on your computer and establish instant message communication with your Agent through Google Talk. Remember to first add / invite your Agent to your list of Google Talk contacts (use standard I2R issued email address of

Please establish, and communicate clearly the process to report and monitor the results of your campaign. We urge for you to provide an example for you Agent such as an End-Of-Day summary email with an exact number of calls made and actual number of appointments set. Alternatively, reporting may be accomplished via Google Doc (live) or other CRM being utilized on day-to-day basis.

Ongoing Training
Specifically in the initial few weeks, we strongly encourage ongoing training, coaching and mentoring of your Agent as he or she begins to encounter objections from your campaign’s prospective clients. We advise that you and your Agent experiment with Role Play, coming up with potential objections, ways to counter those objections, and various examples on how to continue the dialog, and keep the prospective client on the phone. Don’t be afraid to test with various scenarios and make tweaks and edits along the way. This critical first step is often overlooked in the spirit of “charging ahead”.

Frequency of Conversations
We suggest at least once per day in the initial first week of the relationship. The most ideal time for this conversation is in the morning, right before the Agent is about to start the campaign, perhaps as you are driving to your office. This interaction, no matter how short, provides your Agent with a connection to your business and to you; this connection is subsequently beneficial for the Agent while representing you to your prospects.

We strongly encourage for you to delegate additional responsibilities to your Agent and integrate them into your sales cycle for maximum efficiency and productivity for your business. We advise that you establish an email address at your business domain name for your Agent so that they can send: Appointment Confirmation Emails, Information Requests, Post Appointment Follow Ups and other informative emails to your prospective clients.

Caller ID
this is an item of much controversy. Some clients see no impact on the calling campaign and believe that B2B campaigns do not require a Caller ID, others are convinced that “Unknown Numbers” will not be answered. Possible solutions, suggestions, and recommendations:
1. Skype ( allows a purchase of a local area code number at a very affordable rate; however, Skype has a limitation of only 50 outbound calls at that purchased number per day. You may need to purchase 2 or 3 accounts (each around $9 USD per month) depending on the volume of calls that you expect your Agent to make per day.
2. Try “Unknown Number” calling campaign and see if results are acceptable
3. If you have a phone system in your office that allows for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) dialing, please provide the necessary technical details to your Agent.
4. If you are using our proprietary Dialer System, we can preset your Company Name and Phone Number on the dialer.
5. Explore another VoIP service (there are multiple available alternatives) and provide account information to your Agent to use on a daily basis.

Voice Mail
We urge you to have your Agent experiment in leaving voice messages, some of our clients do receive call backs although it is a very small percentage. You can assign a voice mail box for your Agent in your office system or utilize the Caller ID option described above.

Voice Recording
All VoiP services allow for voice recording, please specify this request to the Agent and clarify if you would like selective, positive, negative or all conversations to be recorded and sent. This step does take time away from calling, we caution against requesting all conversation to be recorded unless you are utilizing our dialer system, more information at

– CRM – your Agent will use any web based CRM system, Salegenie, Saleforce, VTiger….
– Google Documents – we love Google Docs! Instant information, easily accessible by multiple parties and it is updated in real time. On the flip side, there are limitation on the size of information that can be stored which makes it not very practical with larger campaigns.
– Dialer – Great for being able to make large volume of calls! Major disadvantage in not being able to target a specific “niche” market.

Bad Appointment
We know how you feel. You are bound to have some really great appointments and some poor ones. Please discuss both with your Agent and keep in mind, sometimes there are circumstances outside of your Agent’s control and it becomes a “broken telephone” on what actually transpired to result in a poor appointment. Review and evaluate your Agents performance and percentage of bad appointments over a statistically meaningful time frame.

Agent No Show
Illness, loss of internet connection, power interruption and / or other personal surprises will happen. If your Agent is located in the Philippines, they do experience occasional short term power outages during the warmer season when power usage is above average. Remember, you are only charged for live calling and we do our best to notify you of your Agents absence, if however, you have a concern, please email your contact at I2R for further information and assistance.

Keeping Track of Hours
Please log into to see the hours your Agent has billed, user name and password will be provided when starting a campaign.

Idea2Result will send out prepayments on Saturday for the coming week, less credit from previous week. Example, previous week 30 hours worked out of 40 prepaid, Saturday’s invoice will be for 30 hours, with 10 hours credit from last week, total prepayment going into next week is for 40 hours. Please complete all payments by Monday 12:00 AM CST.

Holidays / Work Days
Please discuss with your Agent ahead of time all holidays when your office is going to be closed. We expect that you will ask your Agent to work on all days when your office is open for business. Be cognizant that this is a full time position for your Agent and any reduction of hours adversely impacts your Agents ability to earn a meaningful wage.