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Getting Past the Gatekeepers

Getting Past the Gatekeepers

If you are in the telemarketing industry, you have probably encountered the term “gatekeeper”. These people are the ones who are responsible for preventing people to have access to the company’s decision-maker.

Listed below are a few simple but helpful tips on how to get past the gatekeepers. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to converse with a decision maker in no time.

Sound senior

Seniors are not treated the same as the staff. If a gatekeeper believes that you are someone important, then you shall be treated differently. Use a relaxed and calm voice. Talk professionally and articulately. And if possible, avoid divulging important information.

During the first few seconds of your conversation with the gatekeeper, try to muster as much seniority as you can. If the gatekeeper thinks you are someone important, he/she will avoid asking too much questions.

The gatekeeper has the information

The gatekeeper knows a great deal of information about the decision maker and the company. Use this to your advantage and check if the person you wish to speak to is actually the decision maker. Try asking simple and non-intrusive questions in order to check your facts and build up a picture of the decision maker.

Don’t sell to the gatekeeper

The gatekeeper has the power of connecting you with the right person. But, keep in mind that they do not have the authority to make decisions. So, don’t bug the gatekeeper with information regarding your products or services. Mind you, they’re also working on a number of tasks. It will just irritate the gatekeeper; thus, blowing up your chance of communicating with the decision maker.

Build rapport

The gatekeeper is your best chance of being connected to the decision maker. If possible, try to build a positive relationship with them. You may not be the best of friends, but building rapport with them could help you get what you want. Plus, you’ll be greeted by a friendly gatekeeper every time you call.

Don’t use a script

You are not an actor, so lose the script. The gatekeepers are smart. They’ll most likely notice the scripted tone of your voice. Instead, come up with an effective plan on how to approach the gatekeeper.

Try to apply these tips one at a time and try to build a good relationship with the gatekeeper. Mind you, these people are not your enemies. They are just doing their jobs.

Different Methods of Appointment Setting

Different Methods of Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is beneficial, especially for start-up businesses, as it drives people’s attention to your products and services; thus, improving your sales cycle. As business owners start to realize the importance of appointment setting, they are now embracing its advantages and trying to allot a bigger budget for it.

Listed below are some of the most common methods of appointment setting. Read on and discover which among these methods would be beneficial for you.

1. Face-to-face

Nothing is more powerful than a face-to-face meeting. While agreeing to meet with you, you are given the opportunity to get their undivided attention. And as you progress with the conversation, you’ll be able to have an in depth discussion regarding your products and services; thus, dramatically increasing the chances of closing a sale. Just see to it that your sales people are meeting with high quality prospects and you are sure to seal the deal in no time.

2. Phone

This is the most common method of appointment setting. Here, telemarketers aim to reach their potential clients through calls. Unfortunately, this could not be as effective if you don’t have an experienced telemarketer on your side. In order to get the attention of your clients and schedule a high quality meeting, one should be able to present his/her company professionally and master the art of conversing with clients through the phone. This may not be easy. However, if you know what you’re doing then it would be as easy as convincing your friend to meet with you over a cup of coffee.

3. E-mail

With the introduction of smart phones and tablet PCs, we are given a chance to check on our emails several times a day. However, as you send an email to prospective clients, you may not be able to get a straight answer compared to the other methods. In order to save time, you’ll have to make sure that you include all the relevant information in your email. By doing so, this would give the client a hint that you are interested to meet with them and would like to discuss matters personally.

4. Social Media

With the rising popularity of social media, business owners have seen it as an effective means of marketing their products. This is actually a wise decision as millions of people are logging in to their social networking accounts on a daily basis. Thus, allowing business owners to extend their reach.

Tips for Effective Appointment Setting Over the Phone

Tips for Effective Appointment Setting Over the Phone

Appointment setting is often perceived as a challenging task. But doing this over the phone is increasingly difficult. While handling the pressure of placing calls and capturing the attention of prospective clients, appointment setters are also expected to set quality appointments.

In this article, we’ll give you some important pointers that you could easily apply on your daily tasks. Here are a few simple, yet effective tips that you should remember before you pick up the phone.

Direct to the point

Business people are busy people. If your call is accepted by the client, make sure to use this time to deliver the message. Go straight to the point and start the conversation with a strong opening statement.

Know your script by heart

Develop a script and refine it until you come up with a strong and effective one. However, instead of merely memorizing these lines, make sure that you know your script by heart. As you utter the words, clients would feel the sincerity in your voice; thus, increasing the chance of getting the client’s trust.

Positive outlook

Having to deal with a lot of clients, it is important to have a positive outlook in order to yield satisfactory results. You may find it hard to get the attention and trust of your clients at first. But, negativity may not help either. So, before you pick up the phone, take a deep breath and don’t forget to smile. You can do this!


Some people are so focused on their script and selling their products, they sometimes fail to listen. Listen to what your client has to say and focus on that. If they ask certain questions, then this must be a good sign.

Be flexible

If the client decides to refuse the appointment, give him/her a chance to think it over. Mind you, these people may be dealing with a lot of things at the moment. Instead of convincing the client to schedule an appointment with your company this month, you should also consider asking, “When is a good time?”

As you learn to master the art of appointment setting, try to incorporate these tips one by one. Soon, you’ll be able to handle these calls with ease and eventually reap the rewards of setting high quality appointments even over the phone. Things may be difficult, but you’ll have to learn to adjust and harness your skills in order to succeed.

Can You Handle the Pressure of Appointment setting?

Can You Handle the Pressure of Appointment setting?

Appointment setting could be one of the most important aspects of a company’s success. Without a group of highly skilled appointment setters, your business team may find it hard to juggle their work responsibilities and find the time to search for prospective clients.

For some of us, the idea of searching for prospects may be easy. But, if you are to look closely, you will realize that this is not an easy task and not everyone is fit for this job. Let’s dig deeper into the world of telemarketing and get to know the difficult part of having this job.

A test of patience

Most telemarketers use cold calling as their primary means of finding prospective clients. While most people think that this could be easier than receiving calls from irritated clients, you are definitely wrong. With this job comes the consequence of having to dial through a long list of numbers and silently pray that someone would be interested enough to take the call.

Patience is the greatest weapon an appointment setter has to have. Without it, you will surely have to drag your feet to work every morning. And dealing with clients won’t be a pleasant experience after all. As you realize how hard this job is, you’ll learn to respect these telemarketers and learn to spare a few minutes of your time to accept their calls.

A test of professionalism

If you think dealing with rejection is hard enough, well you should also be prepared for the next one. While talking to the phone with a bunch of strangers, most of them would find it hard to trust every word you say. Here, you’ll be welcomed with a lot of questions and receiving a great deal of doubts.

As the questions start piling up and the doubt becomes even more evident, it becomes difficult to present your company’s products and allow them to see that you are just here to help them out. Let’s face it. As a human being, you may get pissed and lose your temper. However, you should keep in mind that these are your potential clients and have to deal with them professionally and set aside your emotions.

Appointment setting is crucial to help your business stand out above the competition. If you need an addition to your growing team, keep in mind that knowledge and experience may not be the best basis in finding the right person. With these challenges, it is also important to consider the person’s character. If you can find a combination of experience and winning attitude, there’s a greater chance of seeing your business rise above the competition.

Overcoming the Challenges of Appointment Setting

Overcome the Challenges of Appointment Setting

Appointment setting may be a challenging task especially if you know how to go about it. An appointment setter’s role does not only involve answering the phone and cold calling, it’s more complicated than that.

In this article, we’ll give you a preview into the challenging world of appointment setting. Read along as we give you a rundown on the most common problems that they encounter and a few helpful tips on how to overcome them.


Appointment setters mainly functions to seek prospective clients for their company. And the fastest, but definitely not the easiest way of reaching possible clients is through cold calling. As you pick up the phone and dial the numbers, you might be lucky if someone accepts the call and listen to what you have to say on your first trial. Most of the time, these telemarketers are rejected numerous times as people does not want to entertain calls from strangers, especially from sales agents, that is.

Solution: Know your target audience. You won’t get anywhere near a prospective client by simply dialing some random numbers. Make a list of people who might be interested with your products or services and start from there. Also, patience is an important virtue that you should have in order to succeed in this business.

Relaying the message

A lot of people are busy with work and other duties. They may not have time to talk to you on the phone and listen as you give them a preview of your new products and services. With the varying products introduced in the market, people may not care about your product especially if they do not need them.

Solution: Instead of focusing on marketing your product, focus on your client’s needs. Sure, they may not be interested with your products now, but as they realize that this is something they can use and make their tasks a bit easier, they may spare you a few minutes of their time and give you a chance to speak.

Getting the client’s trust

Trust is something that you earn. People will not just welcome you and trust everything you say on your first encounter. This is especially hard if you have never met the client in person. As most telemarketers communicate with their clients over the phone, it may be hard to persuade the client to meet with you and schedule an appointment in order to present the product in person and eventually close the sale.

Solution: Build an honest relationship with you clients. Never give them false promises and provide them with an exaggerated description of the product just to please them. Be truthful to your words and talk to them in a professional manner. Also, don’t forget to smile as you answer the phone or place a call. Your clients might not see it, but it gives them an assurance that the person on the other end of a line is someone with a warm personality and is ready to help. This smile can do wonders to your voice and client’s can sense your enthusiasm through it.

Tips on How to Become a Successful Appointment Setter

Tips on How to Become a Successful Appointment Setter

Appointment setting is a powerful tool which can help a business climb the ladders of success. Having the power to attract and screen prospective clients, appointment setters are considered as a vital part of the business’ workforce. So, harness your skills, attract more clients and prove yourself to be a great asset to the company.

Tired of cold calling and trying to lure people to stay on the line even for a few minutes? We’re here to give you a few tips and lead you to the path of success.

Continuous learning

Working as a telemarketer, it is not enough that you have learned a few things during the months of training. This involves a continuous learning process as you don’t meet the same kind of clients each time. Appointment setting involves a set of complex tasks. So, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with the numerous elements of the job and learn how to respond to various situations.

Be friendly

Being the ones responsible for searching for prospective clients, you’ll have to allow these people to trust you before they agree to meet with the sales team. That being said, you’ll have to communicate with them in a friendly and enthusiastic manner at all times. Today’s buyers are smart people. They can sense your sincerity even on the phone. So, please don’t fake it.

Learn a new language

As your company tries to extend its reach to the various parts of the world, it is best to learn a new language. This will help you reach and present yourself to new audiences better. Additionally, numerous companies would love to hire and offer you a higher compensation.

Be patient

One of the most challenging tasks of an appointment setter is to convince a person to hold on for a few minutes and listen to what he has to say. Majority of the adult population would hang up the phone once you start opening your mouth. Sounds harsh, huh? Admit it, you wouldn’t want to receive calls from a stranger either. So, you’ll have to have tons of patience in order to be successful in this field. Don’t give up. Someone would be kind enough to listen, I promise.

Know your script by heart

They say, “Practice makes perfect”. And there is no better way of improving yourself than by repeatedly pushing yourself to do better. Read through your lines every day until such time that it sticks to your mind and you are able to recite it wholeheartedly. You’ll have a better chance of attracting the right client if you sound natural, rather than reading through your scripts.

So, learn how to apply these tips one by one and attract a few clients in no time. You’ll be surprised on how well it can help you start and handle a conversation with better. Your voice is your greatest asset, so learn how to make use of it and make an effort to penetrate through the wall of rejection.

Book that Appointment Now!

Appointment Setting - Book that Appointment Now!

Getting a call or more from a stranger trying to sell something is deemed as an annoyance by a big percentage of the population. Some argue that if they wanted to buy something, they would have gone to the store where it is sold or searched the Internet for it. This makes closing a deal a pretty daunting task even to the most seasoned sales professional.

Bridging the gap between making that cold call and generating a sale is setting an appointment. A personal meeting between a sales representative and a prospective client increases the odds of closing a deal. There are products or services that are complicated to explain or demonstrate over the phone or cost a lot. Hence, they are often best sold face to face. But how does a telemarketer book an appointment with a potential customer? Here are some tips.

1. Be pleasant. Even without seeing your body language and facial expressions, a probable buyer can still sense your personality over the phone. Maintain a friendly tone and don’t be pushy.

2. Maintain your composure. Telemarketing entails a lot of mental toughness for rude comments, raised voices and slammed telephones. Patience and character are needed to remain unaffected by those.

3. Study and be faithful to your script. Telemarketing scripts are meticulously crafted to obtain specific goals. Practice over and over until you know them by heart. You will be more effective and believable when you sound natural over the phone.

4. Know your product well. Nothing is more embarrassing than a sales pitch lacking in information. Not knowing enough about your product may result in lack of confidence and this might put off the prospective customer. What is more, the details you failed to share could be the deciding factor for the client to say yes to an appointment.

5. Set the appointment in second contact. The first call should be dedicated to establishing a connection between you and the client. Let it be about them as you know their plight, wants and needs. On the other hand, pitching on the first call will make you seem too aggressive and insistent, a potent ingredient for rejection.

Appointment setting may not be the ultimate goal of telemarketing but it is a very crucial step of the process. Excellent communication and inter-personal skills are required not only to get a dazzling sales report but also to keep you sane.

Appointment Setters for Small Businesses

Appointment Setters for Small Businesses

Majority of the adult population believe that putting up a business is a great way of earning money. Being the owner, you have the power to control and navigate the path of your business’ journey. However, to be a successful businessman, one has to be wise enough to make the right decision or you’ll end up losing everything. As you begin to take the necessary steps to success, you’ll have to make the most out of the available resources and find ways of making money out of it.

Most small businesses, especially those who are just starting out, do not have access and the necessary resources needed to push through with their appointment setting campaign. Having limited budget and very little experience, outsourcing this service would be the best option. With today’s trend, outsourcing has been a great solution for business owners and has helped them reach their goals.

Outsourcing this service can help business owners as it is proven to be cost effective. It does not only help you save time and money, it also allows the rest of your team to focus on the more important task; thus, allowing you to accomplish things in so little time.

Also, by outsourcing your appointment setting services, you don’t have to hire these people permanently. These people can design a campaign which is suitable for your business’ needs and work on it in an agreed upon time frame.

Build connections
Appointment setting involves a set of challenging tasks. Every minute spent could make a big difference. Having said that, it is important to hire experienced appointment setters and take advantage of their expertise in the said field. The key is to choose a telemarketing agency that can cater to all your needs and has proven to have ample experience to deliver great results.

Being experienced marketers, these people have the necessary resources and know who they should contact. With this knowledge, they shall be able to link you with prospective clients without wasting any time. This provides you an advantage over the competition as they shall lead you to the right prospects and eventually bring in more sales.

Generate more sales
Hiring an appointment setter can be advantageous for your business as it may yield a satisfying outcome during and even after the campaign is over. Experienced appointment setters are trained to handle calls professionally. While doing their job of seeking prospective clients, they also help introduce your products and services and discuss them to these people.

Experienced appointment setters are capable of scheduling qualified meetings. By drawing the attention of these people, they become interested with your products and services. And as they agree to meet up with your sales team, you get a pretty good chance of closing the deal.

While appointment setters are there to help you find prospective clients, the final step lies in your hands. It is up to you on how you would utilize it and yield optimal results. Also, outsource your appointment setting services to

Appointment Setting and Lead Generation

Appointment Setting & Lead Generation How appointment setting and lead generation help in business sales process

Appointment setting is one of the most important parts of the sales cycle. One has to be an experienced appointment setter in order to schedule a meeting with the company’s decision maker and push through with the sales process. Most companies prefer to outsource their appointment setting services so they can focus on closing deals with clients who show interest in their product or services; thus, resulting to revenue acceleration and increased sales.

What is Lead Generation?
Lead generation is often described as the marketing process of arousing and capturing the interest of a company’s target audience, which is geared towards a more developed sales pipeline.

Why is it important?
Change is inevitable. This is also evident with today’s buying process. With the fast turnaround of technology, business owners have to keep up and develop new ways of attracting clients; or else, they’ll be left behind.

Gone were the days when telemarketers mainly relied on outbound techniques and cold calling to advertise their products and find their way towards potential clients. While the competition in the market remains as tight, appointment setters has to innovate a new way to reach potential buyers and be heard through the noise. So, instead of focusing on email blast, cold calling and mass advertising, marketers should also center on making a presence by helping clients find your company and learn how to build a continuous relationship with these prospective clients.

Today’s buyers are wise enough that they resort to self-education. With the abundance of information, people become overwhelmed and gets better in tuning out the noise. These buyers tend to research about things that they are only interested in. Having said that, you need to spark a person’s interest by coming up with a mix of highly informative and entertaining contents. Additionally, these contents has to be distributed on the right channels; giving special emphasis to the company’s website, blogs and social media.

Appointment Setting
With the buyer’s aggressive role in the sales process, your role as an appointment setter is to build a constant relationship with these clients. This is a very important role as you’ll have to keep the client interested with the product or service that your company offers until such time that you have scheduled a meeting to further discuss the transaction and seal the deal.

Mind you, keeping the client interested does not only entail providing them with up-to-date information. Being a marketer, you’ll have to be enthusiastic even if you’re about to handle the 150th call. Keep the conversation lively. Well, no one would be interested to talk to a grumpy-sounding telemarketer.

So, explore a few options and find the most effective means that would best suit your company. With the continuous change in the sales cycle, you’ll have to be brave enough to explore new options. Be aggressive and bold enough to rise up among the competition. Spark the attention of your target market, maintain a constant communication and be prepared for your company’s fast advancement.

Appointment Setters & Their Role to Your Company’s Success

No matter how big or small your company may be, there is no denying that appointment setting plays a vital role to your company’s success. Appointment setters take on a difficult role as they are the ones who identify prospective clients, set meetings and eventually seal the deal. Whether you agree or not, your business won’t be able to push through without a team of highly skilled appointment setters.

Appointment Setters & Their Role to Your Company’s Success

With the fast advancement of technology, most appointment setters find prospects through phone calls. These calls are based on an automated dialing system or through a list of people who express their interest via e-mail or through the company’s website. While majority of them being outgoing calls, the biggest challenge is to find a way into luring the client to hear them out and schedule an appointment to further discuss the deal.

Provides High Quality Appointments

An experienced appointment setter uses proven methods in order to acquire high quality meetings for your sales and marketing representatives. The result of these meetings is usually dependent on the initial expectations set by your appointment setters and with whom your sales representative will be speaking to. Most of the time, these meetings are scheduled with the Vice President or someone with executive control over the purchasing decisions. By doing so, it helps you get a better chance of landing a second meeting and speeding up the sales process.

Records Vital Information

Convincing a client to meet with you is hard enough; more so, luring them to the sales process. Being a prospective client, it is important to note what they do not want to hear and making efforts to avoid them. It is part of an appointment setter’s duty to keep track of their outgoing and incoming calls and generate a report on the information which they deem to be important. This is advantageous as it may help your sales and marketing team to develop the right approach and corresponding strategies.

Higher Revenue

Some companies choose to outsource their appointment setting services, especially the ones who are just starting out. In need of additional manpower, they opt to outsource rather than hire new people to train and supervise. By doing so, business owners and company head can concentrate on more important work as new prospects keep coming. Additionally, business organizations that outsource are said to have an increased sales rate in the long run, plus lesser overhead expenses.
These people are experienced appointment setters who have the knowledge on who they should call and expertise to handle prospects. Being the best in this field, they are capable of creating a campaign which shall fit your requirements; thus, giving you a higher success rate.

Playing a vital role to your company’s success, it is important to hire the best appointment setters and see your company rise above the competition. If you decide to outsource, don’t choose a company because of their cheap services. Go for the ones who can provide great results.