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Telemarketing Strategies and Customer Relationships

In our previous article entitled “Developing Telemarketing Success – Script Based or Free Flowing?” we highlighted the advantages and disadvantages / challenges of each and mentioned that the primary consideration for the best approach to telemarketing approach lies in the product and / or service that is in line with the stages in the relationship the appointment setter has with the prospect. We hope that this article will enable you to be more effective in your telemarketing efforts and achieve telemarketing success.

Not all prospects are entitled to the same level of relationship and service that the appointment setter will provide. Therefore, telemarketers must agree with their clients and decide on the telemarketing strategies and the relationship that is most appropriate for the product or service offering.

There are two aspects to consider in determining the type of relationship that can be built. Each of these aspects corresponds to the measure of commitment and the motivational incentive that exist in the relationship.

1. Prospects – would want to pursue long-term collaboration with products or services that is a key element in their ability to create value for their customers. When there is minimal differentiation in product or service offering, the prospect may not appreciate the need for a collaborative effort.

2. Telemarketers – would want to pursue collaboration with prospects who are lead-users, represent a large amount of potential revenues and provide status (example: naming existing large clients in order to gain credibility). When needs are the same across prospects, buying processes identical, prospects are of the same size, collaboration may not be needed from the telemarketer’s perspective

For each of the two aspects, there is a different telemarketing strategy that can be adopted. There are four telemarketing strategies:

1. Script based telemarketing strategy
a. Prospects are very similar and only a few exceptional differences, script based telemarketing strategy is very effective.
b. The product should be very easy to understand, direct and simple.
c. Involves scripts or memorized sales pitches from which the telemarketer does not deviate.

2. Need satisfaction telemarketing strategy
a. Involves identifying the prospect’s needs and tailoring the sales pitch to fit those needs.
b. Requires good questioning techniques from the telemarketer and the ability to carry through a good conversation.
c. Involves identifying the prospect’s needs and making the presentation along that need.
d. Works best when there is a variety of needs across the prospects and choices have to be made among products compared to custom made solutions.

3. Consultative lead generation strategy
Similar to need satisfaction strategy, however, the choices are not just a matter of choosing from a variety of finished or packaged offers. Instead the telemarketer brings specialized expertise into a complex problem to create a customized solution.

4. Collaborative telemarketing strategy
Going beyond consultative strategy, collaborative telemarketing strategy allows both the telemarketer and the prospect to create customize solutions and a commitment to jointly plan for lead generation mutual benefit.


To ensure the success of a lead generation campaign, it is highly essential that the client work closely with the B2B provider and jointly create and develop plans. It is not just a matter of choice for the telemarketer on whether to use a script based presentation or a free flowing one. It is an issue of product and / or service overall strategy – the big picture perspective.

Telemarketing Etiquette

Telemarketing Etiquette

Telemarketers today are often branded with a bad reputation. Majority of the time, people see their calls as intrusive, especially when received at an inconvenient time. To avoid being linked with these negative perceptions, one must learn to apply proper telemarketing etiquette. By doing so, you can avoid the wrath of your clients and perform your job more effectively.


Greet the recipient courteously then ask for the person you wish to talk to. Plus, make sure that you pronounce his/her name properly as this can add to the person’s infuriation. This is especially true if the person’s name is fairly common.

If you are using an autodialer and there was a gap before you returned the greeting, make an effort to apologize. Most people dislike having a dead time. So, acknowledge the delay and apologize for it.


Through the tone of your voice, the call recipient may use this to get his/her first impression of you. Even if you’ve been rejected for a number of times, try to be as enthusiastic as you can with every call. You may not know it, but your clients will most likely notice it before they even realize what you’re trying to say.

Before placing a call, try to take a deep breath to release the tension. After this, smile widely before you begin with the conversation. Plus, pay attention to the volume of your voice. If you’ve been making calls for a few hours already, chances are your voice might be fading. To compensate for this, try to talk a little louder so your client could clearly hear you.


Try to maintain a comfortable pace and enunciate words clearly as you talk to your client. Your client may not be able to comprehend what you’re trying to say if you speak too quickly. On the other hand, they might lose interest if you talk too slowly.

In order to relay the message effectively, speak in a conversational manner. Using a script is fine, but please make sure that you deliver the message as normal as possible.


A number of call recipients could be irritated or even be rude at times. Answer politely even if the call recipient starts to yell at you. If you think they’re being abusive, just let them know that you’ll be ending the call before you hang up. You might be tempted to hang up the phone without even uttering a single word, but please bear in mind that a true professional is someone who treats his clients with respect even if they are treated impolitely.

Developing Telemarketing Success – The Importance of Partnering

In our previous articles in the Developing Telemarketing series, “Script Based or Free Flowing?”” and “Telemarketing Strategies and Customer Relationships”, we discussed the various considerations in choosing a script-based and a free flowing approach to telemarketing and the different strategies that both the lead generation client and the appointment setter can implement. It is highly important to note that all these approaches and strategies take into consideration the type of relationship that need to be defined and established from beginning to end.

Oftentimes, the telemarketer is left alone to deliver results without the benefit of a clear direction and appreciation of the B2B client’s products and services. The failure and drop out rate increase and the frustration levels go higher as he makes more calls. Once again, the issue of sales efficiency and sales effectiveness is decided – should it be going for more number of calls or should it rather be what the telemarketer does during the call that will deliver the results?

Partnering is a strategy that can be adopted that significantly improves the lead generation effectiveness of a telemarketing campaign.

Partnering defined

Let me define Partnering from the standpoint of telemarketing without necessarily being legalistic about the term. Partnering is a collaborative effort between two or more parties to agree together for mutual benefit.

Rationale for adopting a partnering strategy

Prospects would like to pursue long-term collaboration with products or services offered by the telemarketer that is a key element in prospect’s ability to create value for their customers. It gives the prospect an edge over competition and establishes himself as an authority, opinion-maker or even a leader in their field.

We have said that when there is minimal differentiation in product or service offering, the prospect may not appreciate the need for a collaborative effort. Can the B2B client expound more on its product or service and create a niche in its marketing strategy in order to boost differentiation? Why not?

B2B lead generation services provide that critical first step for its client to conduct a face-to-face meeting and the communication message delivered by the telemarketer during the initial call must convey the product or service value proposition upfront.

Steps to developing a partnership effort

1. It all starts with the B2B client. The client defines his product or services and establishes the level of relationship he would want to have with the prospect on the basis of value creation.

2. The client works with the B2B service provider on developing the marketing and promotions strategies that would establish long-term relationships with prospects. Both parties then work out the communication message.

3. The appointment setter delivers the communication message, takes note of all relevant information and consequently provides feedback to the B2B client going into the face-to-face meeting.

4. The client meets with the prospect and follows through on the partnership building lead generation efforts.

Creating opportunities for partnership with customers increases the level of effectiveness of the telemarketer. Of course, all these things mean higher productivity and better results. Nothing comes close to achieving great results than a well-thought out partnering strategy and an excellent communication message that convey value to the client’s customers. Partnering leverages and promotes resource sharing and translates to repeat business.

Developing Telemarketing Success – Partnership Exploration

We have emphasized the importance of partnership as a means to increase the sales effectiveness for the telemarketing services and generate repeat business not only for the client and B2B service provider but for the prospect as well by creating value added products and service to the latter’s customers.

The partnership is a three-way relationship between the B2B lead generation service provider, its client and the prospect. In this article, we deal with ways to work on partnership opportunities paving the way for a long-term productive and successful lead generation effort.

A three-way relationship

As mentioned above, the partnership is a three-way relationship between the B2B telemarketing services service provider’s client, the telemarketer and the prospect. In the beginning, the telemarketer acts as a fulcrum or the center to which all information flows between the client and the prospect.

The telemarketer feeds information back to the client which the client in turn uses to fine tune his presentation or make adjustments to his product or service offering according to the needs of the prospect. Creating a relevant and customized solution for each of the differing needs of the prospect ensures that the prospect’s specific needs are properly addressed.

Telemarketers can make as much number of calls to a prospect to ensure proper coordination and meet the expectations of both the B2B client and the prospect. In this kind of relationship, the B2B client must provide a 24/7 hotline to its telemarketers to help and assist them in their dealings with the prospect.

When the appointment is set and the face-to-face meeting happens between the B2B lead generation client and the prospect, the three-way relationship is established and thus the partnership is sealed.


The exploration stage is the initial stage for developing the client’s partnership strategy with the prospect. Expectations for the client and the prospect are developed depending on what each one wants to offer. The prospect tests your client’s product, how the client responds to special requests and other similar actions after the initial contact. At this particular stage, personal relationships are being developed first by the telemarketer then by the client.

Having a good relationship from the start determines whether the relationship would prosper over time and consequently usher in a smooth face-to-face meeting by the client with the prospect. Remember that the prospect is eager about receiving the benefits promised by the telemarketer. If the prospect’s initial experience is not good, it would prove difficult to overcome.

Beginning the relationship correctly requires the telemarketer to set the proper expectations with the prospect.

Tips in exploring partnership opportunities

1. Do not inflate the prospect’s hopes unreasonably. Relationships are nurtured by making honest presentations of the product’s capabilities and eliminating any misconceptions before an order for the product is placed.

2. The telemarketer is responsible for making sure that the product or service his client is offering matches the needs of the prospect. It would be a waste of valuable time and effort for both parties if the expectations of both are not met.

3. Complaints can arise, but when complaints arise, the telemarketer has the opportunity to prove his commitment. When the B2B client and the prospect sense that commitment, either through the handling of a complaint or through other forms of special attention, the telemarketer has completed the telemarketing services partnership exploration cycle satisfactorily.

Telemarketing Tips – Sales, Call & Telemarketing Scripts Development | The Art of Appointment Setting Chapter 3

Appointment Setting Opening

“Hi, my name is Adam; I am a Business Manager with Idea2Result. I have reviewed [your] website and would like to discuss how our appointment setting services have generated prospects in [your] industry. Do mornings or afternoons work better with your schedule for a quick 10 minutes conversation with our Founder?”

Appointment Setting Rebuttal #1

Rebuttal: “Great! That is exactly what we heard from our most valuable clients before they switched, our 10 minute conversation will highlight our history of delivering results in [your industry] for WHEN you decide to consider other providers, how does this coming Tuesday at 2:00 PM sound?”

Appointment Setting Rebuttal #2

Prospect: “There is no way you can do better than our current provider, what is your cost?”

Rebuttal: “Very good question! I am glad that you asked about cost and I will make sure that my manager will start the face to face conversation by addressing cost and the cost comparison to your existing provider, how does this coming Tuesday at 2:00 PM sound?”<

The first objective in B2B lead generation is to create an effective conversation flow through properly written telemarketing scripts, call scripts, sales scripts or scrip to generate an appointment with a qualified prospect.

Here are two essential reasons why this particular objective is so crucial:

1. It is very tempting to begin discussing your business highlights with a prospect right away. How could this prospect not be interested in granting an appointment after learning all the grand things about my business! Keep in mind that your prospect could be a very busy professional where his or her time is very precious, and your competition may have a lot to say about their business advantages also. Keep your focus on the end goal, during your conversation with the prospect, zone in, hone in, pay very close attention to the responses, block everything else that is non essential, hearing the “Yes” to a time and day is the sole purpose of an Appointment Generation Call.

2. Note that without proper qualification and screening questions, a simple “Yes” to a scheduled appointment is not always the most ideal way to secure an appointment. Creating a gentle confirmation of the one or two qualification and screening criteria is absolutely paramount. We strongly urge for you to ask these questions toward the end of the conversation, preferably when you are confirming day and time of the face to face appointment between your prospect and your manager.

We have now confirmed our first goal, securing the appointment. Keep in mind that our goal is not a general discussion about your business, or preselling (unless it is part of the core competence of your telemarketing campaign), our sole objective is to generate an appointment with a qualified prospect.


“Hi, my name is Adam; I am a Business Manager with Idea2Result. I have reviewed [your] website and would like to discuss how our appointment setting services have generated prospects in [your] industry. Do mornings or afternoons work better with your schedule for a quick 10 minutes conversation with our Founder?”


Relevance“I have reviewed your website” statement from the opening above is a discrete way of making this call somewhat relevant for your prospect. Bear in mind that no prospect wants to be a part of a cluttered approach and any distinguishing factor or perception of due diligence before calling will certainly help in opening the conversation.

Purpose“discuss how our appointment setting services have generated prospects in your industry” statement from the opening above may not mean much to your prospect if they are under the impression that you are calling to talk about their individual business appointment setting prospects, but discussing how similar new business generation campaigns succeeded within their own industry, now that’s an entirely different story!

Casual, Short & Direct – Much debate exists about whether it is advantageous to stop and ask “How are you doing Mr. Prospect?” in lead generation or inside sales telemarketing scrip. We are under the conviction that these type of potentially time wasting questions are not necessary, could backfire, and may hinder a more proven direct “rifle shot” approach. A direct approach should create an impression inside the prospects’ mind of time efficiency and keeps their short attention span on your pitch.


Aikido Martial Arts provides basic principles for efficient rebuttal management.

“Aikido is performed by blending with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack rather than opposing it head-on. This requires very little physical strength, as the aikido “leads” the attacker’s momentum using entering and turning movements.”
While consistently focusing on the appointment setting exclusive goal, many of the potential rebuttals that the prospect could deliver provide a perfect opening for you as to why exactly is a face to face appointment is truly the most ideal next step for you and the prospect.

Example 1 of a possible common Objection by the Prospect:

Prospect: “I am not interested, we are happy with our current provider.”

Rebuttal #1: “Great! That is exactly what we heard from our most valuable clients before they switched, our 10 minute conversation will highlight our history of delivering results in [your industry] for WHEN you decide to switch, how does this coming Tuesday at 2:00 PM sound?”

Comment: “WHEN” allows for a less intimidating reason for the call.

Example 2 of a possible common Objection by the Prospect:

Prospect: “There is no way you can do better than our current provider, what is your cost?”

Rebuttal #2: “Very good question! I am glad that you asked about cost and I will make sure that my manager will start the face to face conversation by addressing cost and the cost comparison to your existing provider, how does this coming Tuesday at 2:00 PM sound?”

Comment: While it may be tempting to get into the actual cost discussion over the phone, or any preliminary information about cost and pricing, our pure and simple suggestion on this topic is ”Don’t do it”. Unless your prospect gets into the right mind set to discuss your product/service at the time of your appointment, they are not ready to hear about your company and everything you will say at this stage will be used as an excuse to terminate the call and not schedule an appointment. (Our primary and only goal of the call)


This is absolutely key concept! You have to assume that most of your prospects are running at information overload, which means that they are extremely busy and their time is very precious. Repeat all the key elements twice: time, day, and phone numbers with alternatives. Do your best to get the email address so that you are able to send a short email confirmation with time, day phone numbers in bold, and a request to notify you if there are any last minute changes.


We strongly suggest leaving the lead generation qualifier toward the end, so that it sounds like an afterthought to your prospect. “Oh yeah, just to confirm Bob, you are the decision maker for the corporate insurance coverage?” This may seem counterintuitive, but leaving these key qualifiers toward the end actually increases your probability of scheduling the appointment with the “Right” prospect.

Sample Script #1 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Hi, I am calling regarding Google Campaign you are currently running for Are you familiar with this?

I am calling from Idea2Result, we have reviewed your Pay Per Click campaign and have a number of suggestions and would like to provide a Free Consultation. Are you available tomorrow at 3:00 PM to speak with our specialist for 15 min?


Name, Email, Phone, back up Phone


Not Interested: Understood, with over X years’ experience in the Transmission Businesses, we feel we can add value to your campaign and of course there is no charge, would a morning work better for you?

We Are All Set: Great! We hear that from a number of Transmission Shops, however, there is always room for improvement! Let us give our suggestions at no cost and see if we can help, how is tomorrow morning looking for you?

Keep In Mind:


Sample Script #2 – Merchant Services

Hi, I am calling regarding from ABC Bancard. We will have Matt (our sales rep) in Chicago (their city) and would like to borrow 10-15 min to discuss merchant services.

We would like to offer you $500 for your time if we can’t save you money on your existing merchant services. What time would work better for you, 10 AM or 3 PM?


Name, Email, Phone, back up Phone


Not Interested: Understood we will update our records according. I am sure you are busy. We have been able to save money to a number of Chicago businesses and we are offer $500 for your time if we can’t save you money, we can accommodate your schedule, perhaps early morning or late afternoons would be better?

If yes: Please make sure to have your merchant statement for the meeting, that is important for us to have if we need to make a payment of $500.

***back to our e-book “The Art of Appointment Setting”

Telemarketing Services – Per Hour Vs Per Appointment Compensation

A seemingly clear question, all telemarketing services should be based on per appointment compensation. Shouldn’t telemarketer only receive payment when they are successful? Why should a telemarketing company charge per hour even if they are not producing results?
It is worth mentioning, when Idea2Result begun, our motto was clear: “no results, no payment”. However, the devil, as they say is in the details, so we will attempt to present our thought process from “per appointment only” compensation to “per hour” or “hybrid” approach.


This one is easy. Client only pays if appointments take place. Cost per appointment is fixed, with a meaningful track record of conversation to sales; the total cost of the sale becomes transparent. If you know how much each sale costs you from a telemarketing effort it creates a fundamental platform for company’s growth. If your ROI is positive – go with it, your business has no boundaries.

Many of our prospect clients start the conversation with a firm hold on this advantage. Let’s begin to dissect all the intricacies, assumptions and implications of such “per appointment only model”:

1. Misalignment of Interests

The telemarketer and the client all want the same thing – getting appointments, right? Not so simple. Every client’s time is precious, that is the reason they have outsourced telemarketing. Let’s look at a few examples of a campaign:

#1: 10 appointments generate 1 sale
#2: 5 appointments generate 2 sales

Which is better for the client? Easy – #2, an average of 2.5 appointments for a client instead of 10 appointments per close. However, which one is better for the telemarketing company? Clearly, it’s #1. Summary of interests:

Client – Closings
Telemarketing Company – Appointments

Typical rebuttal to this point goes something like this: “I only want qualified appointments”. Ok, but let’s realize the complexity of the “qualified”. Clearly, it must be a decision maker, but level of interest can vary greatly based on the flow of the conversation:

“We just need 10 min of your time and, if we can’t save you money, we will pay you $500!”


“Are you interested in learning more about my service and product and will you be making a purchase decision?”

Which approach is in the best interest of the telemarketing company? And which approach best suits the client? This fundamental misalignment of interests creates a relationship gap and potential room for conflict. Appointment setting formula has many variables and, in order for a telemarketing campaign to work, a telemarketer must become part of the team – not an adversary.

2. Endless Stream of Conflicts

What could be more straightforward then “I will pay you for each appointment which happens”? Not so fast, let’s examine various possibilities of why an appointment could be canceled:

– Prospect forgot
– Prospect couldn’t make it and didn’t call and app was not rescheduled
– Prospect changed his mind but says no one called
– Our client’s schedule changed and they can’t make the appointment which ends up not being rescheduled
– Other reasons and possible misunderstandings

Considering the financial pressure on per appointment only compensation, which appointments are compensated and which are not? How do we decide? Even if recordings are provided to prove that each appointment was scheduled, is it fair for the client?

3. Pricing for Per Appointment Only Compensation

Before going into details on this question, many people say, “Idea2Result is a telemarketing company, haven’t you been doing this long enough to be able to price appointments?” The answer is yes and no. We have been involved in hundreds of campaigns, and there is one common denominator: THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT. Appointment setting formula includes so many variables, to determine the exact number of appointment to be scheduled is simply unrealistic.

Three possible outcomes for per appointment only compensation guess for pricing:

I. Per appointment fee is too low and Telemarketing Company will stop the campaign or renegotiate to per hour
II. Per appointment fee is too high and client will renegotiate or begin per hour
III. Per appointment fee is just right and per hour breakdown is acceptable for all involved
All outcomes create either the end of the campaign or a reasonable per hour rate which allows the campaign to continue. However, let’s keep in mind that with Per Appointment Only compensation, there is continued fluctuation and what worked last week might not work this week for one of the parties as data, target marketing, economy or other factors change.

4. Day to Day Relationship with Telemarketer

In a Per Appointment Only option, team environment is hard to accomplish. Telemarketer will be forced to keep the “eye on the ball only”. Administrative tasks, email communication, training and other communication with the client are potentially taking precious time away from needing to make the appointment to get paid. This creates too much pressure. Not knowing if you will get paid that day, week or month is good for sales people for motivation, but is extremely difficult for telemarketers who are making hundreds of calls per day and often take serious abuse on the phone.

Ideal environment for a telemarketing campaign allows for team work, support and cooperation. This is the only way to build telemarketing success.

5. Employee Retention

Telemarketing companies have a choice to make with “per appointment only” compensation campaigns:

I. Mirror employee compensation to client’s compensation – paying telemarketers per appointment. Finding strong agents to agree to this compensation style is extremely difficult. Long-term retention is very low due to the added stress, burn out is much higher. Furthermore, many campaigns call for appointment to be scheduled multiple weeks out, telemarketers can’t wait to get paid until appointment happens. Telemarketing company would have to take a chance by paying telemarketer and risking that appointments might not happen and they need to collect back this payment.

II. Pay employees per hour and charge client per appointment. Possible, very high pressure situation for everyone involved and creates an environment conducive for conflict, see #3 regarding pricing.

6. First Time Telemarketing Campaign

Many of our telemarketing campaigns are first time clients looking to experiment. They don’t know if their service or product can be sold through a telesales avenue, they want to experiment and tweak endlessly (weekly, daily or even hourly), until optimal balance is reached and campaign begins to work or is declared unpractical for their industry. Coming up with a per appointment only compensation for such campaigns seems absurd, it is a guessing game and the chances of hitting the right per appointment fee is very small, at least one party is bound to not be satisfied in this relationship.
In addition, if the telemarketing company does a phenomenal job for two weeks and the client comes up with the finding that his campaign should not utilize telesales, isn’t this conclusion valuable for the client? What if the Telemarketing Company has 10 clients in a row, all of whom experiment and determine at the end that their campaigns are not or telesales? By this point, Telemarketing Company is probably out of business or lost all its’ employees.

There are many other implications for the “per appointment only” compensation module from attendance (where agent feels they only want to call when they want since they are getting paid for results) to billing (which is extremely intense on larger campaign with many appointments) to verification (by telemarketing company to make sure appointments didn’t happen if client is not paying).


1. Per appointment only compensation if possible for extremely narrow type of industries and must be addressed with extreme caution of the relationship risks.

2. Look for a telemarketing company which doesn’t have long-term commitment. Although we advocate hourly compensation, we don’t advocate a situation in which a client is stuck for 1 month or more paying per hour and not getting results. Idea2Result pricing calls for 1 week prepayment with a satisfaction guarantee, refund of unused hours at any time. Furthermore, a hybrid pricing model, such as $9 per hour plus $20 bonus per every appointment which happens, removes much pressure discussed above yet offers additional incentive many clients seek.

A lack of the long term commitment presents a very considerable incentive for the employee. Telemarketer and his company realize you can stop at any time, their every hour counts just like if they earned per appointment only compensation without the downside.

As we finish this Chapter on April 27th, 2011; we have no documented success stories of any clients utilizing per appointment only compensation successfully for a long-term from any telemarketing company. This includes thousands of conversations with prospect clients and hundreds of our clients. We continue to be open and receptive to learning and evolving our way and we hope you find this chapter helpful in understanding the hidden facts of “per appointment only pricing”.

Telemarketing Services For Business Growth

Many businesses all over the globe are looking for an edge that will allow them to weather economic recession and would result to long term growth for their business. This implies that finding shortcuts that will enable them to reduce labor cost and at the same time boost efficiency for their business. Outsourcing telemarketing services is one of the best things that you can do for your business because it is not only cost effective, it can also help increase your profits.

To get started, you have to know that an excellent telemarketing service is much cheaper than what you may actually think. An outsourced telemarketing service can increase your productivity. Some of the telemarketing services that your business can take advantage of include:

Lead generation – Every business needs a solid channel as well as stable supply of potential customers and excellent telemarketing services in order for them to gain new customers and sell their products to the existing ones. Lead generation through telemarketing has a lot of advantages over other media such as print media.
Reduced training – This is another great advantage that companies can benefit the most. By hiring outside staff that will handle the calls, answer sales calls and hours of lead generation and other telemarketing services, you can significantly reduce training costs for your team and will also ensure that experts are controlling these phone calls. With experts taking care of this aspect, you become confident that they can generate qualified leads that will bring more business.

Better Conversion Rate on leads – Telemarketing service helps in boosting your sales conversion rate. With an effective script writing techniques and using industry leading training as well as hiring qualified operators who are already in the business for quite sometime, it can help eliminate the burden of maintaining an in-house team while getting the assurance of attaining better conversion on leads generated.

Curtailment of in-house staffs – Any company, regardless of size is trying their best to cut the cost and the best way to achieve that is to outsource telemarketing service. Almost any function of companies can now be outsourced allowing considerable amount of savings. Aside from telemarketing service, BPO services, customer service, and a host of other functions are being moved offshore.

You can find a telemarketing company that can offer with high quality and cheap telemarketing services. With their qualified telemarketers, you are rest assured that you can generate leads and prospects for your business.

Telemarketing Services Increase Your Sphere of Influence

Telemarketing Service

Today, communication rules the roost across business spectrums. This is true of any type of business or a setup of any size. Communication that is effective, timely and complete is irreplaceable. In fact it is completely justified to say that the health of your business completely depends on the quality of communication and interaction with and within the niche. It is for this very reason that the business world is now capitalizing on the advances made in the telemarketing and telecommunications services accessible. The manner in which the company is able to relate to queries, and push subtly every call towards a sale will determine the outcome of your business goals with telemarketing service .

Spreading your sphere of influence

Thankfully, this avenue in business growth is now addressed by a number of offshore companies that are well established in technology, manpower, expertise and equipment. This helps you to save on investments pertaining to space, time, the bank roll and most importantly energy that can be used more effectively to handle core business aspects in house. The need for effective and timely communication across the span of influence your business enjoys is vital. It is easy to set up the unit in house too, but are you up to the investment and the effort that will go into the proceedings? If yes, then it is absolutely recommended that you do so as soon as possible.

However, looking at the requirement more realistically, it is easy to see that you really need not have the unit addressing the requisite in house, right? The companies that offer telemarketing services from across the globe give you more advantages than you can imaging. Other than helping you to cut down on the costs of setting up an independent unit in house to address all your telecommunication needs, they also help you to bag the services of professionals trained to comply with your dictates and to bring quality to the interactions within the niche.

24×7 and dedicated to your business!

Most importantly these companies function across time zones thus working round the clock to meet your requirements from clients around the globe. Even as you sleep orders are being taken, promotions are being carried out and even queries are being dealt with. The most heartening factor is that you need not resort to completely electronic, bland and grey responses anymore. Nothing like your clients relating to another human being at the other end of the telephone line, right! These telemarketing services companies are accessible online 24×7.

They work towards realizing set business goals as far as sales and services are concerned, an area that is sadly quite side-lined in the course of promoting the business and setting it up in the first place. Good telecommunication is a boon to any business small or big. It is a known fact that as any business grows it becomes virtually impossible for the entrepreneur to cope with the demands of clients and other associates within the niche to handle things like queries and bulk orders.

Guide In Selecting The Best Telemarketing Companies

appointment setting services strategy discussionDue to the fact that there are many telemarketing companies out there, it is essential to choose one that is 100% focused and professional. You should be confident they can represent your company professionally and you have to make sure as well they can strengthen the brand of your company. Often, choosing the right company is a difficult, time-consuming and tiring process. But there are a number of criteria that can help you in determining the most suitable telemarketing firm for you. When you set to select a telemarketing company, you should have as much knowledge as possible in order for you to make the best decision.

First of all, you have to consider the reputation of the telemarketing agency in the industry. It is vital to know what their previous accomplishments are to ensure the quality of their performance. It is worth choosing companies that have good reputation in delivering quality leads and appointments.

appointment setters in a telemarketing companyAnother thing you have to know when hiring telemarketing companies is the specialization of the people they are employing. An ideal telemarketing company should have seasoned professional telemarketing agents with years of experience in making calls and in selling over the phone. There are many telemarketing firms that only provide specific services therefore it is important to choose one with staff that can also offer other telemarketing services necessary for your business including lead generation and appointment setting.

It is essential also to know the entire telemarketing platform the firm offers. Take time in understanding and assessing how your campaign will be developed and managed. You will be able to know the right one if they present a systematized approach in designing and executing your campaign to reach success. You also have to give special attention in understanding how their process works to ensure desirable results.

Finally, the potential telemarketing firm should be capable of recognizing issues your company encounters on a daily basis. While this may seem unrelated however it is important to choose a company that can help you find solutions to resolve or eradicate these issues. Remember that they are not just providers of telemarketing services but they are your business partner as well.

When it comes to choosing the best telemarketing company, oftentimes your decision is influenced by the price of their services. But this should not be the case always because not every company that offers affordable appointment setting services can guarantee you with excellent results.

Methods of Pricing Used by Telemarketing Companies

Methods of Pricing Used by Telemarketing CompaniesBusinesses are constantly reminded to be careful in choosing a telemarketing company to hire because they will be the voice of their business. Such company will speak in your behalf to your potential customers therefore choosing the right company is highly important.

Price is one of the factors in the decision businesses make when it comes to employing the services of telemarketing companies but often, prices are difficult to pin down because of the different price structures and the vast selection of telemarketing companies out there.

Telemarketing price structures can greatly vary between different companies but generally speaking, they fall into two major categories namely flat rate and pay per lead. The former involves paying at fixed rate per hour or per day and the costs do not vary. This enables the business to plan their budget easily. The downside is it does not have performance incentive. Therefore this pricing method is better for working through long and large lists of data to evaluate uncertain interest in a product or service.

telemarketing company appointment setterThe latter involves paying a fixed amount for every appointment generated by the telemarketing company. In this pricing structure, performance incentive exists. This is a favorable method for businesses that require greater degree of selling such as generating appointments from a list of warm prospects. Prices vary depending on how difficult the appointment setting campaign is for your particular products.

There are other pricing methods used by telemarketing companies. Lower rates may be offered for trial campaign for a set period of time but this is not always ideal to take advantage of because the results may not be as rewarding as those services with higher prices.

Most businesses today decide using another company for their appointment setting campaign. It is not because they are not confident about their skills and abilities to contact clients on their own. They just want an assurance that they are contacting those clients who have genuine interest to what they offer instead of calling those who are not which will only be a waste of their money, time and effort that only an experienced appointment setter can do. Using a telemarketing company allows them to set more qualified appointments and eventually, generate more sales.