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Developing Business 2 Business Success

There are several key elements to be considered in developing a successful telemarketing campaign. The topics are wide and the range broad. We will present a series of article that will help, guide and assist you in conceptualizing and subsequently implement a successful telemarketing campaign that delivers exceptional results. It is our objective to present an in-depth discussion to allow our prospects to make intelligent decisions and develop well planned campaigns with us.

Taking it one step at a time

It all begins with the message you want to deliver though your appointment setter. Then you select from a list of prospective appointment setter profile that matches your criteria – experience, level of understanding, personality and skill set. Would that be enough? Well, it’s not that simple. Let’s begin our journey one step at a time to developing telemarketing success.

Content is king, is that true?

The answer is both yes and no. Message content is the basis by which an appointment setter engages a prospect in a productive dialogue. But that’s only maybe less than half the story. Other key elements of a successful telemarketing campaign include the appointment setter’s communication skills, knowledge, promotions, timing, product / service and prospect match, sales cycles and marketing effort among others.

While there are several considerations to make in the development of a telemarketing success, we will focus on one topic at a time and discuss the subject matter thoroughly to be able to determine later on the right mix of key elements appropriate for your particular target market.

What is a good message content?

Good message content emphasizes the benefits of the product or service offering to the prospect. Benefits of a product or service include; saves time, money, effort, convenience, prestige, increases sales, profit, customer traffic, promotes good will, enhances strong relationships, etc… In other words, benefits are the derivative, the end result for the use of a product or service.


Why is emphasizing benefits important? People don’t buy products or services per se, they buy what it does for them. When we buy a TV set, we are really buying entertainment. When we buy a book, we are actually buying knowledge. When we buy a luxury sedan, we are not just buying a four-wheeled vehicle to take us from point A to point B for traveling to save time but also we are buying the prestige associated with a luxury car.


What is a feature? A feature is a characteristic of a product or service offering. Some examples include; the details of a promotions plan or of a payment scheme, the size, weight, color, smell, capacity, texture of a product. To put in another way, features are descriptions of the product or service offering.

We are selling benefits and not features. Benefits are directly tied up with features and features justify the benefits presented. If your message content is too technical and too product or service oriented, describing the characteristics of it rather than benefits, then it’s time to change and improve on your message content.

Try doing an exercise, list down the features of your product or service offering and beside it, list down the benefits associated with each. You should be able to do this easily as you practice more and more. This will lay the foundation for your Business 2 Business efforts.

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