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Business and Sales Lead Generation

Developing success on business and sales lead generation campaigns !

There are several key elements to be considered in developing a successful business and sales lead generation campaign. The topics are wide and the range broad. We will present a series of article that will help, guide and assist you in conceptualizing and subsequently implement a successful sales lead generation campaign that delivers exceptional results. It is our objective to present an in-depth discussion to allow our prospects to make intelligent decisions and develop well planned business lead generation campaign with us.

Step 1: Choose Sales Agent

Step 2: Choose Pricing Option

Step 3: Launch Campaign

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Business and Sales Lead Generation with Idea2Result:

  • Pricing – Starting From $9 per hour

  • Dialer – Flash-based Dialer with No hardware, No software, Integrated Voice Broadcasting. Unlimited calling $229 per month per Telemarketer. (RoboCalling)

  • Agents – Choose from our team of available, experienced telemarketers by listening to audio now!

  • Data – Our database includes 19 million US and 1.4 million Canadian Businesses.

  • Email Data – Our database includes over 4.7 million US Business emails to integrate with Telemarketing Campaign.

  • Process – Review our process to get started.

  • The Art of Appointment Setting – Learn more about our industry.

Name Degree Introduction
Jem Bachelor Jem
Justine Bachelor Justine
Lanie Bachelor Lanie
Meg Bachelor Meg
Pierre Bachelor Pierre
Archie Bachelor Archie
Rochel Bachelor Rochel

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