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BPO Services – Virtual Assistant & Business Process Outsourcing

BPO and Virtual Assistant Services are a very large portion of the growing business process outsourcing services. What started as a manufacturing outsourcing movement to outsource supply chain management has become a growing outsourced trend crossing all of back office and front office operations. Our virtual assistants can provide telemarketing, administrative, research and other on or off the phone functions.

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BPO Services & Virtual Assistants:

  • Pricing – From $9 per hour.

  • Select Virtual Assistants – Choose from our team of available, experienced virtual assistants by listening to audio now!

  • Data – Our database includes 19 million US and 1.4 million Canadian Businesses.

  • Process – Review our process to get started.

  • Library – Learn more about our industry: articles, blog and forums.

Name Degree Introduction
Jem Bachelor Jem
Justine Bachelor Justine
Lanie Bachelor Lanie
Meg Bachelor Meg
Pierre Bachelor Pierre
Archie Bachelor Archie
Rochel Bachelor Rochel

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Relationship with your Virtual Assistant in Business Process Outsourcing

Everything starts with a relationship. When outsourcing your BPO services, it is important to be comfortable with your virtual assistants. The first step in our process is to review available virtual assistant.

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