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Appointment Setting - Book that Appointment Now!

Getting a call or more from a stranger trying to sell something is deemed as an annoyance by a big percentage of the population. Some argue that if they wanted to buy something, they would have gone to the store where it is sold or searched the Internet for it. This makes closing a deal a pretty daunting task even to the most seasoned sales professional.

Bridging the gap between making that cold call and generating a sale is setting an appointment. A personal meeting between a sales representative and a prospective client increases the odds of closing a deal. There are products or services that are complicated to explain or demonstrate over the phone or cost a lot. Hence, they are often best sold face to face. But how does a telemarketer book an appointment with a potential customer? Here are some tips.

1. Be pleasant. Even without seeing your body language and facial expressions, a probable buyer can still sense your personality over the phone. Maintain a friendly tone and don’t be pushy.

2. Maintain your composure. Telemarketing entails a lot of mental toughness for rude comments, raised voices and slammed telephones. Patience and character are needed to remain unaffected by those.

3. Study and be faithful to your script. Telemarketing scripts are meticulously crafted to obtain specific goals. Practice over and over until you know them by heart. You will be more effective and believable when you sound natural over the phone.

4. Know your product well. Nothing is more embarrassing than a sales pitch lacking in information. Not knowing enough about your product may result in lack of confidence and this might put off the prospective customer. What is more, the details you failed to share could be the deciding factor for the client to say yes to an appointment.

5. Set the appointment in second contact. The first call should be dedicated to establishing a connection between you and the client. Let it be about them as you know their plight, wants and needs. On the other hand, pitching on the first call will make you seem too aggressive and insistent, a potent ingredient for rejection.

Appointment setting may not be the ultimate goal of telemarketing but it is a very crucial step of the process. Excellent communication and inter-personal skills are required not only to get a dazzling sales report but also to keep you sane.