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“The Art of Appointment Setting” – Chapter 4 – Appointment Setter Empowerment & Motivation

So far in the book we have discussed a number of variables necessary to increase the chances of your success . Script, data, training and target marketing are the “ingredients” that
will lay the foundation for the next step – agent empowerment and motivation.

Most of the telemarketing industry has neglected to focus on this piece of the equation. We read in the papers and hear on the radio that “human capitol” is your most valuable asset for any size corporation. Keeping your staff motivated will ensure their top performance. May progressive top companies offer their employees perks far exceeding the basics: yoga classes, on site gyms, massages, free food, and other add ons to ensure employees are operating at the top of their abilities.

The treatment of appointment setters in telemarketing can be compared to a factory line, with the expectation that if agents are on the phone for a certain number of hours, they must deliver results. Very often those who spend eight hours calling prospects to generate business opportunities while facing countless rejections are treated as marginal components of the process.

If you are investing time and money into your campaign in the form of direct expenses for the agent and for the data, why not take the next step – treat your agent as you would want to be treated?


Here are basics to cover with your appointment setter:
1. At the onset of the project, make it clear that you seeking feedback from your agent.
You will work as a team to tweak the campaign to make it work.
2. Make it clear that you understand ups and downs of the industry, that your agent will be
facing rejections and a number of challenges to reach the goal. Many decisions will need
to be made on the spot and your want to empower them to make those decisions (within
certain parameters).
3. Listen to the feedback and, if it’s valid, tweak the campaign accordingly.
4. Tune in with the mood of your agent and seek the times when praise and words of
understanding will make the difference.
5. Roll play endlessly, switch sides to ensure that the agent sees the prospect’s point of view..
6. Experiment with various ideas to make it fun.

If you are utilizing Idea2Result services, chances are your appointment setter are home based. Although there are many benefits of being home based, empowerment & motivation play even bigger role.

Creating a virtual team will significantly affect results.

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