1999 to 2003 AB Communication Arts
St Paul College of Manila


Company: Citibank Australia
From June 2004 until May 2009
Customer Service Representative


·         Perform Outbound calls to borrowers regarding their credit card


 Offer products and services to new applications and existing accounts via
outbound calls.
·        Outbound and inbound calls to answer inquiries and requests with regards to

Credit Card, Mortgage, Ready Credit and Wealth Accounts.

Company: JP Morgan Chase
From September 2009 until February 28, 2018
Senior Operations Specialist


·         Ensure that the credit reporting of mortgage borrowers is accurate.
·         Ensure that mortgage payments are applied on the account correctly.
·         Perform outbound calls to major credit bureaus to request for corrections of

credit reporting.

·         Ensure that the Name and Social Security Number of borrowers are correct

and updated in the system for proper tax reporting.

Appointment Setter ( home based )
From March 2018 to July 2018

 Perform outbound calls to different companies and set up appointment’s with
potential clients to introduce the products and services of the company I

 Update files and records to make sure that the appointment set up is noted and
organized to meet client’s expectations.


 I have extensive background in outbound and inbound calls.
 I am able to work under pressure and handle calls that are irate as I was
assigned to take escalated calls as a customer service representative.
·         I speak English very well and can converse with customers comfortably.
 I have experience in telesales ( inbound and outbound ).



University of Santo Tomas

Bachelor of Science in Business Management



DMS (Home Based Job)

2012 – 2014

Outbound Appointment Setter Agent

– Set appointments for a janitorial campaign

– Set appointments for an insurance company campaign

– Set appointments for an IT company


2011 – 2012

Outbound Sales Agent

– Call clients and sell new lines of service

– Call clients for additional lines of service

E-Telecare Global Solutions

2008 – 2011

Outbound Sales Agent

– Call clients for new lines of service

– Call clients for additional lines of service

– Call clients to sell VOIP services




Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting


Virtual Assistant (Real Estate)

December 2013 – February 2014

– Prepares business letters

– Collate Newspaper Articles about properties

– Enter property information to a database

– Manage outlook calendar

– Other office works

Chat/Phone Support, Tickets, Logistics and Order Processing (Homebased)

December, 2012 – February, 2014

– Provide excellent customer service to existing and potential customers in both chat

– Process orders through Magento.

– Accept and process payments through E-way.

– Answers emails/tickets through Zendesk.

and phone.

Telemarketer (Real Estate)

September, 2013 – December, 2013

– Call out Real Estate Agents with expiring licenses to take their continuing education

– Process registration and payment.

– Admin tasks which includes preparing pointers and exam sheets.

Telemarketer (Health Product)

June, 2013 – September, 2013

– Call out prospective customers and offer our health product

– Process orders, payments and cancellation

Appointment Setter/Telemarketer (Travel and Tour),

November, 2012 – February, 2013

– Call out hotels and restaurants.

– Researches on the Top Hotels, Restaurants and Activities all over the world.

– Contacts Hotels and Restaurants for reservations.

Sales Associate (CITIbank), Convergys Phils. Services Corp.

June, 2010 – October, 2012

– Provide excellent customer service to credit card holders

– Analyze products and services to best fit card holder’s needs and expectations.

Executive Operations (JPMorgan Chase), Aegis PeopleSupport Phils. Inc.

November 2009 – July 2010

– Provide excellent customer service to retail account holders

– Analyze products and services to best fit card holder’s needs and expectations.

Special Products Group (Washington Mutual), PeopleSupport Phils. Inc.

August 2008 – November 2009

– Provide excellent customer service to retail, retirement, certificate of deposit, business

account holders

– Assist customers with their concerns in logging in to their online banking

E-rep (Washington Mutual), PeopleSupport Phils. Inc

June 2007 – August 2008

– Provide excellent customer service to retail account holders

– Analyze customer’s concern and provide quality solutions

classes with us.




April 1, 2011 to Jan 2013
Personal Assistant / Appointment Setter /Lead Generation
Homebase – day’s shift
Montpelier Insurance Group

July – October 2010
Virtual Assistant
Logistics Customer Sales Representative

April – June 2010
Outbound Calls
Sales Overdrive
Texas, USA

May 1, 2009 – January 18, 2010
Telemarketer – Outbound Calls
Do it all Salon Marketing Co.
6021, Yonge Toronto, Canada



Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering


July 2013 – October 2013
Prolix Communications Services
Appointment Setter

Campaigns handled : Social Security Education; Diabetes; Credit Card and Telco Inbound ; Pharmaceutical Account

Aug 2012 – April 2013
Teleperformance Bacolod
Customer Service Representative

Jan 2012 – June 2012
Transcom Worldwide Bacolod

Sept 2010 – Dec 2011
Technical Support Representative
Customer Sales Representative



BSBA- Major in Business Management


Dec 2007 to Sept 2013

Main function: To increase the number of the clients in the IT industry and contribute to the income growth of the

• Developed and implemented a search strategy for potential clients through extensive search, referrals, and other methodological approach to come up with a foundation of solid leads as basis of our sales targets.
• Managed and supervised the sales staff in utilizing effectively their telephone skills as a sales tool to interact with prospective clients in establishing rapport and trust in the introduction of our company and the services we offer.
• Prepared a systematic follow-up schedule in a timely manner to effectively enhance the possibility of gaining the client’s patronage by way of either phone calls or emails whichever way is suitable to the client.
• Conducted a monitoring system to effectively manage the sales team to ensure our clients’ needs are met with
• Successfully achieved an average of 30% growth of income contribution to the company.
• Call the client ask if they need to set an appointment with the therapist
• Check if they have concerns

YBT (Hypnotherapy)
Position: Appointment setter

VIP (Financial Education)
Position: Appointment setter

• Call client to register and watch the webinar
• Ask the best time to call them for our sales team to explain further the program

Cable and Satellite Pprovider
Position: Appointment setter

• Call client ask comments about their current provider
• Schedule phone meeting with our sales rep

Position: Appointment setter

• Call client ask comments about their current provider
• Schedule phone meeting with our sales rep

July 2003 to August 2007
NATIONAL PEN, PHILIPPINES (Promotional Products Distributor)

Main function: To contribute to the company’s income target by attaining our individual sales goal through effective salesmanship.

• Developed new sales and maintained business relationships with customers to ensure optimal usage and
satisfaction of the company’s products and services offered.
• Devised and executed business development strategies to attract and acquire new customers.
• Created, implemented, and continually reviewed a plan that includes strategies designed to help customers pursue their long-term promotional goals.
• Successfully built and maintained strong relationships with customers by helping them track their progress overtime to ensure a repeat business.
• Successful goal achiever in my whole stay with the company.
• Reason for resignation was due to our family relocation to a different city far from my work place.

February 2000 to April 2003
YWH HUMAN RESOURCE (Recruitment/Staffing Agency)

Main function: To research, evaluate, penetrate business opportunities and establish B-to-B agreements with enterprise-organizations with emphasis on identifying staffing gaps in the mitigation of the clients’ needs using the necessary sales tools, information management and effective customer rapport.

• Generated active leads by way of extensive research to identify and segment the market.
• Initiated contacts to prospective clientele to stir their interest and merit the acceptance of our business
• Designed a planned presentation of the company’s services to initiate and merit the prospect’s acceptance.
• Monitored and managed new and existing clients.
• Streamlined the flow of documentation by establishing appropriate sequence in the preparation, issuance, retrieval and filing of service contract and expiry letters.
• Kept the updates of weekly status record of the Job Orders
• Conducted outside orientation of the temporary staff
• Coordinated with department’s concerned all billings, collections and other reports necessary for easy access to information.
• Goal achiever for 2 years and highest sales performer in 2003.
• Reason for leaving my job was to accelerate my career growth



B.S Economics


June 2010- April 2012
Wipro BPO
Team Lead
Telecommunications (Pilot Project) – Collections, Customer Service, and Credit Management

* Dynamically involved in the set-up of BCP site for UK telecommunications client for Customer Service s and Outbound Collections business

* Redefining the quality standards and developing tracking systems to monitor results.

* Coaches and counsels agents for performance improvement.

* Coaches and counsels agents on their performance and offers sound recommendation to improve KPIs

* Monitors and conduct side-by-side evaluation of real-time calls

June 2008- June 2009
Macy’s Inc St. Louis, MO
Team Lead (Credit Services)

* Coached and monitored service calls and employee performance.

* Handled escalated calls regarding customer’s account status

* Coordinated and implemented industry policies and standards.

* Conducted training for all reps regarding company and industry updates

July 2007- May 2008
R Secure Command Security & Protection Service
Finance Officer

* Accounting and payroll for 70 + employees.

* Supervised employee benefits.

* Managed day to day employee concerns.

May 2005 – May 2007
ePerformax Contact Center
Team Lead
Financial (Pilot Project)- Customer Service and Credit Services

* Led a team of 25 agents and 2 quality assurance officers.

* Co-coordinated and implemented industry policies and standards.

* Monitored service calls, e-mails, and employee performance.

* Conducted training for all reps regarding company and industry updates.

* Handled all consumer complaints.

* Analyzed performance data of all reps.

May 2002- May 2005
ICT Group
Assistant Team Lead

* Assisted Supervisor in assessing and analyzing employee performance utilizing several industry programs.

* Assist representatives with their queries for customer’s inquiries and complaints in the USA / CANADA,
specifically on consumer services, technical support and utility services.

Nov 2001-March 2002
Customer Contact Center (C3)
Customer Care Representative

* Provided customer assistance for the accounts Sony, Dannon and Sportcraft

* Provided technical support assistance for Sony tv and remotes

June 2001- Sept 2001
Customer Care Representative

* Provided directory assistance to US wireless and landline subscribers

* Scheduled appointments for office visits and surgical procedures

Aug 1998- July 2000
Wippette Kids New York, NY

Admin Asst

* Created and developed style worksheets for current line

* Contacted clients to follow-up outstanding accounts

* Contacted suppliers and buyers regarding purchase returns



Graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing

October 2012- June 2013
RealPage Philippines
Level One Maintenance Associate (US Housing Industry)

• Provides 24/7 support, handling 100% of resident service calls for a single property or entire portfolio. Provides a professional response, log tickets into Software and dispatch emergencies to the proper technician for rapid resolution.

May 2012- September 2012
West Contact Services Inc.
Technical Support Representative (Internet and Landline Account)

• Provide client support and technical issue resolution via email, internet and landline

• Configuration of client’s equipment to the Internet using various cable modems.

• Identify and correct or advise operational issues on client computer systems and landline service

August 2009- May 2012
Startek Philippines
Inbound Support Representative (Postpaid and Residential Telco Account)

• Handles customer questions, complaints and billing inquiries with the highest degree of courtesy and professionalism to resolve customer issues with one call

• Adequately respond to their comments, requests and problems

• Handles business transaction in connection with activation of new customer accounts

• Offers alternative solutions where appropriate actions take place in retaining customer’s account.

• Required to achieve a sale quota, utilize operational systems to process purchases of accounts and services; payments for wireless and residential bills, equipment and accessories

• Trained to work in one or multiple set skills over various customer contact channels

• Make recommendations according to customer’s need on features, upgrade and rate plans.

March- May 2009
VXI Global Solutions
Outbound Marketing Representative (Sales, VOIP – UK Account)

• Offer products and services to potential customers

• Convert each call into a sale by proactively offering services offered by the

program and to effectively hit sales targets.

• Develop spiels that will persuade customers to purchase products

October 2006- February 2009
Eperformax Contact Centers
Team Manager for Outbound Business Surveys (US Credit Bureau)

• Handles and directs one team comprised of 20-23 Marketing Associates, 1

Quality Assurance Specialist and 1 Team Leader

• Responsible for maintaining and possibly exceeding goal expected by the clients, also, drive the whole team by delivering business surveys to one of the biggest credit bureau in United States.

• Obtain possible customer leads data entry and maintenance of customer databases.

• Supervision of quality monitoring, production and implementation of administrative tasks to ensure that representatives comply with set policies and guidelines.

September 2003- December 2004
Eperformax Contact Centers
Quality Assurance Specialist for Outbound Business Surveys (US Credit Bureau)

• Monitor, grade live and recorded calls to enhance skills needed for improvement.

• Tracks and issues action plan with desired goal necessary to meet clients’ expectation.

September 2003- December 2004
Eperformax Contact Centers
Marketing Associate for Outbound Business Surveys (US Credit Bureau)

• Place Outbound calls to gather Business Surveys which comprise of basic marketing information needed for US Credit Bureau Client.



Hotel and Restaurant Management


Jan – May 2013
Home Based Call Center Agent (Appointment Setting)
VIP Financial Education

September 2012– December 2012
Home Based Call Center Agent (Appointment Setter, Lead Generator, Email Marketing)
LTPC Outsorcing Solutions

March 2012 – August 2012
Home based Call Center Agent (Appointment Setter)
Sauce Media Marketing

January 2012 – March 2012
Home based Call Center Agent (Appointment Setter)
Almighty Marketing (SEO Campaign)

Nov. 2012- January 2012
N2 Publishing
Home based Call Center Agent (Appointment Setter)

Aug 2010 – Jan 2011
VQInteractive Solutions
Home based Lead Generation
Australian Account

July 2010 – Sept 2010
Home based Call Center Agent
Business S3 Marketing Online

May 2010- Aug 2010
Home based Call Center Agent
Master Group Company (Australian Account)

Jan 2010 – April 2010
Home based Call Center Agent
Cranbrook Loans and Mortgage Company

September 2009 – Dec 2009
Home based Call Center Agent
Safeway and Blackbox Technologies

Job Description:

• Handles Health Insurance account, appointment setting and live transfers to licensed representatives located in US for AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Mutual of Omaha.

• Handles Life Insurance account, appointment setting and live transfers to licensed representatives located in US for AARP.

• Consistently meets established sales requirements and are successful in turning prospects into satisfied customers.

• Shows a professional concern for quality work.

• Sells the value of the product or service.

• Offers suggestions to Supervisors for changes in scripts and rebuttals.

• Consistently strives for perfection.

• B2B Calling For setting up appointments (Owners/Managers)



Computer Electronics and Technology

With Honors


November, 2009 – December, 2010
Gotalk Prepaid Phonecards
Inbound Sales Customer Service Representative

May, 2009 to July, 2009
Sales Associate

September, 2007 to present
Sales Associate

March, 2007 – August, 2007
Cricket Communications
Customer Service Representative

December, 2004 – December 19, 2006
Sales Associate

Campaigns Dialed:

o Verizon

o (Team Buddy)

o Advantage America

o Account Management (MSM – B2B)

o MSM – B2B