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About Sales Agent Share

We have come across many small businesses owner unable to handle Appointment Setting output from a full time Sales Agent and as a result, we have begun to form groups among different businesses owners to split full time schedule for a Sales Agent.

Important to keep in mind:

1. Mutual Relationship – Idea2Result is only able to provide full time Sales Agents, if one of the participating businesses owners changes their mind and decides to exist the partnership, unless a replacement is found, Idea2Result will reassign the Sales Agent.
2. All businesses owners must agree how to slip the 40 hours per week.
3. All businesses owners must agree on the Sales Agent assigned to them.
4. Business owners must communicate with each other regarding questions of schedule as they come up and direct the Sales Agent as they see fit.

We prefer that one of the Business Owners becomes a Lead (typically the one with the most time allocated every week) and they centralized all questions pertaining to this group.