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​Hard & Soft Skills Required For Telemarketing Services

​Telemarketing services has caught on in the last two decades. The nature of the job is there in the name itself. It is marketing through the telephone, as simple as that. But the work is not as simple as that. It is a tough job to convert a call into a sale. When marketing is done by visiting the target customers it is a little easier because you actually see the reaction of the person.

Women’s Role in Telemarketing

In telemarketing you do not get to see the person and to convince the person at the other end is not so easy, while this is not so in direct marketing. In telemarketing overheads are reduced and the company can make a decent profit. A company with a well laid out plan will do both direct marketing and telemarketing. Generally the men opt for direct marketing and women prefer telemarketing. So if both men and women are there in your company make the best use of them.

Hard skills

In direct marketing the personality of the sales persons becomes a vital point. In telemarketing this is not so important but the sales person must have both the hard skills and soft skills. These are two vital skills you need to develop when you seek employment in a telemarketing company. With the first look at this industry you might think that soft skills alone are enough for this kind of work. But when you look deeper you see that hard skills are also important.

The hard skills that you should be adept in telemarketing services are
· Typing
· Math
· Ability to use software
· Writing and reading skills
In telemarketing your reading and writing skill must be fairly good as you will have to search and find information asked by the client. The software used by each telemarketing company will vary and you should be able to understand this software well. Typing skill goes without saying because you are always at the computer. Maths is something that you have to be fairly good at too.

Hard skills, which your certificates will show, will get you an interview. But it is your soft skills that will get you the job. So please hone your soft skills. In telemarketing we do not know what kind of person is at the other end. If the customer is tough then your soft skills only will help to turn the contact into successful sales.

Soft skills
Some important soft skills are conflict resolution, strategic thinking and creative problem solving. When faced with an irate caller your conflict resolution should be able to diffuse the situation. If you can turn this customer into a sales deal then be sure that your strategic thinking and creative problem solving skills are sound.

Team building is another skill that you should have because to succeed in this, the team must rally round you. Be a good team player and achieve the common goals. Though telemarketing seems a tough proposition the success of this business model cannot be questioned. After two decades telemarketing services have not faded out, only improved.