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Years Experience: 5

Degree: Bachelor

Previous Campaigns: Comcast Cable; Time Warner; XBox; La Media ; Midtown Roofings

LED Agent: No


BS Biology

May 2012 – Sept 2013
Midtown Roofings
Lead Generation Specialist


* Calling out residential areas and offering them free estimate of renovation, remodeling, landscaping, roofing sidings and the likes.
* Setting an appointment for qualified and willing customers to get free estimate on.
* Properly documenting appointments set.

April 2013 – Aug 2013
Austin Technology
Telemarketer/Lead Generation Specialist


* Mining data for lead list. Checking all information such as website, contact number, contact person and email address.
* Calling out using the data I collected or list created to set an appointment.

Nov 2012 – July 2013
Appointment Setter


* Calling out residential diabetic patients and offering them our diabetic supplement and meter.
* Qualifying and setting appointments properly.

Dec 2012 – April 2013
Appointment Setter


* Calling out leads provided using a dialer and qualifying them for setting an appointment.
* Utilizing the CRM to check on what service to offer when setting the appointment such as Web Hosting, SMS and Email marketing.

JUN 2012 – Nov 2012 (morning shift)
Company Name : iPoshmoda
Chat Support

* Assisting a customer who wants to purchase or order the products that we offer.
* Immediately responds to their questions regarding new arrivals or items on our website.
* Timely pitching in sales for additional items and promotions for customer satisfaction.

JUN 2012 – Sept 2012 (night shift)
La Media
Appointment Setter


* Calling leads and qualifying them for job opportunities our company offers.
* Setting the appointment properly and making sure that they come on time or send us a message if they cannot go to the appointment date and reschedule them.

AUG 2011 – JUN 2012
Hinduja Global Solutions
Customer Service/Sales Representative


* Assist customers with billing issues and concern.
We troubleshoot some of their devices when necessary.
* Up sells additional services to Taylor fit customers need for greater service.

MAR 2011 – JUL 2011
Stream Global (Cebu)
Technical Support Representative


* We walk the customers through a step-by-step process of configuring their Xbox connected to the Internet and other devices they wanted to use.
* Provides assistance in creating their Xbox Live account for them to play internationally.

SEPT 2010 – MAR 2011
Technical Support Representative


* We provide Internet service.
* We give out support and technical issue resolution via email, internet and landline
* We walk the customers through configuring their equipment to the Internet using various cable modems and routers.
* Assists customers in creating the email account and sometimes resets their passwords as requested

JAN 2008 – SEPT 2010
Customer Service Representative


* We assist customers calling in who asks about the charges on their bills. We explain the exact details of the breakdown of these charges for them to understand.
* We also provide troubleshooting steps on customers SIK boxes for cable services.
* We walk the customers through the process of adding HD channels and Pay-per-View services too.

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