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Years Experience: 4

Degree: Bachelor

Previous Campaigns: Dish Networks ; Cable and Satellite ; Financial Education

LED Agent: No


BS Marketing (2004)



April 2013-August 2013

Fasteners Inc.

Basic English Instructor Camarin

October 2012-April 2013

VIP (Financial Education)

Appt Setter Homebased

To help people achieve their financial goals through free education and use the unique revolutionary method designed to maximize cash flow. Focus is on their 7-point system that runs as follows: 1) 100% mortgage and non-mortgage debt elimination 2) Cash flow maximization 3) Faster and safer investing 4) Credit score enhancement 5) Financial safety and peace of mind 6) Lifestyle preservation and enhancement 7) Proper education to share with future generations My job being an appointment-setter was to send the prospective clients an email together with a link on financial education. I made a follow-up call to find their interest and set-up a meeting with our company’s consultant.

Nov. 2011-July 2012

HTI ( Cable/Satellite)

Appointment Setter Homebased

The company is a cable and satellite TV provider that competes with similar companies in providing the best home entertainment options to consumers. Advantages and disadvantages come with both cable and satellite TV, but both are similar in many ways. Little differences are what consumers need to be aware of before making a purchase decision. Limitations to both cable and satellite TV services have might limit consumers to one or the other.

My job being an appointment-setter was to offer to non-users our entertainment package and set them up an appointment with our marketing group should they find interest in subscribing to an entertainment package. While to cable/satellite users, we find their dissatisfaction issues to their current subscription and offer them solutions which were taken care of by our marketing representative where an appointment is set. Common problems usually range from prices, most channels in the business, highest quality picture, immediate availability of after-sales service, etc.

Aug. 2009-June 2011

PLDT Ventus

IBS/OTM Makati

Takes Inbound and Outbound Calls and sell the dish network

Provide excellent customer service

Jan. 2005-2008

Informatics Computer Ins.

Lecturer/ITIP Coordinator/Head CC/Marketing Adviser Malolos, Bulacan

Provide communication training to aspiring agents

Provide customer service training to aspiring agents

Monitor the development of agents

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Call Guide Development AssistanceWe believe �less is more� during the first call. Please send us your Script/Call Guide and we will provide our feedback.
HourlyChoose between our pricing options, either $14 per hour or $9 plus $20 per every qualified appointment. $21 $15
Bonus (per qualified appointment)Qualified Appointments will be decided by our clients, the standard: any appointment which happens at the specified time, with decision make to discuss products/services of our client. - $20
Prepayment (40 hours) Varies on the program you choose, please read Guarantee above, refund available for unused prepayment if not satisfied. Weekly Weekly
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Total $840 $600
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